Knitwear – Stylish Christmas Jumper Tips

Knitwear –  Stylish Christmas Jumper Tips

Here at MenStyleFashion, we’re not big fans of cringy Christmas jumpers. You can be festive without wearing twinkly, captioned knitwear that embarrasses any grown man.

Last Christmas, Britain spent an estimated £220m on novelty Christmas jumpers in the run-up to the 25th Dec.

Regarding sustainable fashion, for every four garments purchased, one went in the bin shortly after.

That’s not just bad news for those men trending good festive style, it’s beyond insanity list as far as the environment goes.

 In 2015, the fashion’s throwaway culture emitted 1.2bn tonnes of carbon dioxide. For perspective, fashion throwaways produced more environmentally hazardous pollution than international flights and global shipping combined.

Lockdown has certainly got us all thinking about buying less and buy better. So here are our stylish knitwear that can be worn season after season.

Heading to the high street the day before your office Christmas party and picking up something that no one will wear won’t happen.

Most high street brands are closed or gone bankrupt. Due to social distancing limited people won’t be able to crowd for fast fashion clothing.

Not a bad thing at all.

Instead, invest in something tastefully wintery, bespoke made, that can be worn right through to spring and looks classy.

Here are our favourites, for the festive season during lockdown 2020.

knitwear for christmas

Scottish Knitwear

Men’s Scottish knitwear with a relaxed, casual vibe lasts long and looks very stylish. Fair Isle is a tiny wee island within the Shetland archipelago. As time is on their side the locals traditionally keep themselves busy by making knitwear.

The Fair Isle is a local technique that allows intricate patterns to be spun into garments. It’s colourful, timeless and pretty festive looking too. It can be worn all winter at any time.

They’re best used as the focal point of an outfit, due to their eye-catching patterns.

scottish knitwear

Keeping everything else simple and straightforward think simple plain jackets, team it with a simple overshirt and plain trousers. The key is wearing it with neutral colours trousers.

Fair Isle knitwear is classic knitwear that can be worn on a trip to the slopes in January. Or for Christmas carol singing in December at home.

Rather than just throwing it in the bin you can either wear it year after year or give it away.

organic christmas decorations

Cable Knitwear

JAMIESON'S OF SHETLAND FAIR ISLE CREW - click to buyNN07 Fair Isle Wool Sweater - click to buyM&S COLLECTION Fair Isle Design Crew Neck Jumper - click to buymango man High collar jacquard sweater - click to buy

A cable knit jumper is the perfect cold-weather layer. Ideal for strolling around your countryside estate. Or wearing it threw the month of December collecting organic Christmas decorations. These intricately woven seasonal staples are designed to make you look warm and feel stylish, which makes them a viable alternative to Christmas jumpers that get thrown in the bin after New Year’s Eve.

Cable knits tend to be thicker and heavier than other types of knitwear, therefore they need to be worn with similarly robust garments. Team one up with raw denim and some commando-sole Chelsea boots, for example, finishing it off with a thick wool overcoat.

raw denm

Due to their thick construction, these woolen warmers are built to last and never date.

The cable-knit jumper can be for life, it is a staple piece of long-lasting not just for Christmas.

All you need to do is change the color.

Cable Knit Jumper

JAMIESON'S OF SHETLAND CABLE CREW KNIT - click to buyPOLO RALPH LAUREN Cable-knitted Cashmere Jumper - click to buyScotch & Soda Cable Knit Jumper - click to buyJohn Lewis & Partners Cotton Cashmere Cable Knit Jumper - click to buy

Chunky Roll Neck

James may not have been out there to inspire this Bond-approved style this year. But this is a sort of scarf and jumper in one. It happens to look great with winter clothing and effortlessly looks fabulous on any man.

A roll neck can be as funky or as low key as you like, but it’ll not be limited to festive attire. And as for keeping you stylish and warm on the way to and from your Christmas party, there’s no garment better to attract an eye candy admirer. Even on zoom.

The knitted classic was made for layering. It can be worn under a thick winter coat. When the time comes to shed your outerwear it comes into its own as a top layer. The chunkiness of the knit is better-worn without anything too textured. Let the jumper do the talking and keep your other layering accessories very simple.

zara PURL KNIT TURTLENECK SWEATER - click to buymango man Turtleneck flecked sweater - click to buyUNIVERSAL WORKS Mélange Wool-Blend Rollneck Sweater - click to buyHOWLIN' MOONCHILD ROLL NECK KNIT - click to buy

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Another James Bond-inspired outfit is the shawl collar Cardigan. Styled right, there’s no reason this preppy festive favourite can’t be the perfect replacement for the Christmas jumper. Go for pure wool with chunky modern buttons and you will certainly stand out.

 America’s collegiate elite, love this look which means wearing it as part of an Ivy League-style. Be bold and make your own fashion statement.

Layering with an oxford shirt, then top it off with chinos and colorful loafers and style up your stay home dinner family parties.

suitsupply LIGHT BLUE RIB SHAWL COLLAR CARDIGAN - click to buyBOGLIOLI Shawl-Collar Cable-Knit Virgin Wool Cardigan - click to buymango man Neps braided cardigan - click to buyINVERALLAN 6A SHAWL CARDIGAN - click to buy

Statement Designer Jumpers

If big logos, loud motifs, and all-over prints tickle your fancy. Some luxury garments that double up as pretty effective festive attire.

These premium options sit right at the opposite end of the spectrum to your traditional Christmas jumpers. They’re a hell of a lot pricier. Borderline only for the pretentious elite.

Due to the price tag meaning, you’re not likely to chuck them in the bin come January.

This statement knitwear is exactly that, don’t make them fight for attention with your novelty antlers and red chinos.

Keep everything simple a pair of black jeans and white leather trainers are ideal.

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