LAS8 Paris – Haute French Leather Couture Made to Measure

LAS8 Paris – Haute French Leather Couture Made to Measure
LAS8 paris french leather haute couture featured

The Origin of LAS8

LAS8 is pronounced “LaSuite”, or the next thing, referencing the continuity of its collections. This is also why the “8” becomes an infinity symbol in its emblem. The fashion house reaffirms its commitment to producing designs at the fore front of latest fashion trends.


The founders of LAS8 Paris, Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto, became close friends whilst studying in France. A few years on and they have collaborated to realise their dream of creating a unique and stylish line of luxury  clothing. They have combined passion, determination and hard work to launch their first collection this year. Lovers of fine materials including exotic leathers, they place quality and refinement at the heart of their thinking.
Curious, selective,and driven by attention todetail, Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto believe each of their creations form part of a wider piece.

The Style

The style of its Men’s collection shows fitted and aggressive cuts. For both women and men, the LAS8 Paris cuts are modern and classy. All its pieces are thought with interplays of rare and sumptuous leathers. Revealing a noble and dominating caracter, leathers and exotic skins are valuable and fascinating working basis for LAS8 and an intarissable inspiring source.

Confection – French Expertise

LAS8 Paris is a fashion house located in the heart of the fashion capital. Each model must be synonymous with prestige and fashioning is an extremely delicate step, in order to ensure an exceptional quality. For this reason, the manufacturing of its collections is made exclusively in France. The natural individuality of each leather hide is celebrated rather than disguised and each garment is designed and made to show case the character of the skin from which it has been crafted. Thus, each piece is hand crafted by highly skilled professionals. All the garments are designed, cut and made in ateliers in Paris. From start to finish, an individual Fashioning is a step performed in constant collaboration with its specialised workshops in which we ensure a continuous quality control. The expertise of these workshops that work with famous fashion houses gives a true meaning to “Made in France”.

Production in the heart of commitments – Leather Selection

To ensure the quality and uniqueness of each piece, LAS8 Paris selects drastically the best leathers and furs in the world. The depth of colour, the touch, the shine and the nobility of each skin, no detail should escape the control of the fashion House in order to use only exclusive skins. Lining 100% silk and plunged lamb skins come exclusively from France, in collaboration with recognized professionals. Skins are drum dyed and LAS8 eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle. The exotic leathers and furs, that LAS8 Paris enhances in its creations come from the most serious tanneries in the industry and meet the Washington Convention

The LAS8 Paris fashion house has partnered with many reputable tanneries, to offer the finest leathers. For example, all its python leathers come from the Hermes tannery, which is able to customise each skin according to its requirements and demands of its customers. The crocodile leather comes from several tanneries and different farms, that it works with, according to the period of the year, in order to offer its customers the most unique skins. Agreements have been established with breeding farms in order to identify the finest specimens before the treatment of raw hides called the “crust”. Its stingray leathers come from Thailand and are available in three finishes (plain, soft, super soft) and various sizes.

All the plunged Lamb skins come from France. LAS8 Paris strives to offer its customers the best quality in terms of how the leather looks like and how it behaves once it has been sewed. All skins are treated and waterproofed before cutting. Skins are drum dyed and LAS8 eschews any artificial finish, preferring instead that the skins retain their natural qualities and original handle.

A New vision of “Sur Mesure”

Each creation can be made with the leather chosen by the client. Upstream LAS8 Paris selects the finest skins to submit only a “luxury” choice in its showroom.

  • Stingray
  • Crocodile : Porosus/ Niloticus/ New Guinea/Alligator
  • Python : Back cut/ Front cut
  • Ostrich
  • Plunged Lamb Skins
  • Furs: Fox/Orylag
  • Zip finishing Selection: Gold/chrome/ canon de fusil /mat

Its creations can be adjustable and modified according to the clients:

  • Collar selection
  • Sleeves selection
  • Colour selection
  • Measurements

All of these services are proposed to its private clients and to the retailers.


LAS8 Offers personalisation of your of work of art with 22 carat gold initials or message via its gild on leather service.

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