Berlin Grunge – Travel In Style Tips

Berlin Grunge – Travel In Style Tips

Autumn/Winter Style – The Germans Get Grungy

Arriving into Berlin a city I have not been to since 2006, I was  excited to be inspired by someone’s style. The German’s have their own sense of style and I was keen to see what was out there on the streets of Berlin.

Looking slightly dishevelled I boarded my train to my hotel and was sat across from an equally dishevelled couple. However this couple were dishevelled in a completely different way. The guy was rocking a beard, beanie and an army green trench coat with a black jumper, black jeans and some black doc martins, with his girlfriend also wearing a similar look.

Brogues A Must Have

Brogues are a winter must and the guys in Berlin certainly showed us the way forward here. They look amazing with everything and can be worn from autumn into spring. Brogues can easily be combined with anything you wear. Guy a key word of advice you need to go up a size in brogues just due to the nature of the cut. Learn your sock brogue what I mean by this is your contrasting socks are essential. Make sure you polish you leather brogues and keep them looking in tip top condition.

Travelling Gear

Looking at the couple I thought what a great choice for travelling, the creases from your uncomfortable plane seat, your messy hair from falling asleep on your fold down tray, all disguised by this rather stylish look.

As I explored Berlin over the next few days I noted many styles, a lot of which I wouldn’t recommend, however grunge is definitely a great look for Autumn/Winter. With minimal effort and warming layers this is a great way of remaining stylish but comfortable throughout the season. Also there are some great lines that would match this look perfectly you just got to find what brand suits your feet and your price range. Grenson do great brogues.

Grenson Brogues

Grenson CEO and Owner Tim Little highlighted that Grenson is all about quality, whilst the actual assembling of the shoe is offshored all components are manufactured in the UK. This gives Grenson the ability to ensure that all their products are to the highest standard and giving the consumer value for their money. When discussing why Grenson offshores part of its production Tim commented that it was a way of making the brand affordable to a larger audience. G:2 range which is assembled off shore but all our other ranges (G:One, G:Zero and G:LAB) are handmade in our Factory in Northampton.


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