Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

It’s been 22 years since I visited Ho Chi Minh City and obviously, it has changed enormously. In 1995 the city was full of bicycles, now you find motorbikes everywhere. In 2017 Vietnam tourism is growing at a whopping speed of 30 percent a year. Ho Chi Minh City which is the largest city of Vietnam is a place where the old way of living is rapidly changing. With regards to luxury stay options, this is also an area that is growing fast. Le Meridien Saigon is situated in the heart of the city overlooking the Saigon River. It is a new hotel which boasts the latest in interior design and architecture in Vietnam.


When I entered the building the teardrop light bulbs hanging from the ceiling is what I loved about the hotel. It’s inspired by raindrops during the rainy season here in the city. The reception area is modern and a statement to what the hotel represents. The open space at different levels of the hotel is stunning. I enjoyed walking around and exploring the latest in interior design.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Huge Atrium

Coffee Area And Pastry Shop

On the same floor as the reception is also a coffee area which was a comfortable place to relax in and the cakes here were wonderful. At Le Meridien Saigon they are famous for making their pastries and eclairs. I ordered a box of three and all I can say is that the pastry chef did a fabulous job.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Grand Deluxe Room

I stayed at the Grand Deluxe room a large room of 55 m2 overlooking the city. I could clearly see that Ho Chi Minh City had many constructions happening and I was very excited to see where this city is heading to. The room had a fabulous feel too it and I liked all the glass which gave me a feel of open space. The huge desk was perfect for working and the sofa area was lovely to sit and take in the city views. The bed was huge and very comfortable to sleep in with massive pillows, which allowed me to have a great night sleep. There was plenty of storage for my luggage and my shoes, my room was looking tidy all the time.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed


The bathroom was big in size and with regards to the bathtub, I loved the see-through glass windows, in where I could have a nice relaxing bath but also feel the open space and overlook my room. The separate shower and toilet plus the double marble sink made this modern bathroom complete.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel ReviewedLe Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Latest Recipe

The in house buffet-style restaurant is called Latest Recipe and it overlooks the Saigon River. In the morning it also used to offer the breakfast buffet. I was here to try it out in the evening first and the food was well presented and had plenty to offer regarding local cuisine as well as western options. I am a lover of seafood so I opted for various options which included crab, shrimps and shellfish. They were fresh and tasted wonderful. For the adventurous one, you can opt for some sea snails. Vietnam is famous for its soups and the Little Recipe had a good selection of these as well.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

The pork and beef options here were excellent too, with many different vegetables to choose by, once again fresh and well presented. The wine selection was great alongside many types of cocktails and mocktails.  The dessert options again had plenty to chose from with many pastry options as well as a good cheese selection. I opted for some homemade ice cream which was a delicious way to finish off a lovely eating experience. The buffet was great value for money here and looking at the clientele it was a good environment to host business guests as well.


Once again the pastry chef made some many delicious options, this time the fresh doughnuts and they were yummy. I have been in Asia almost three months so it was nice to have other options opposed to the fabulous Asian cuisines on offer. I am a lover of ice coffee and coffee generally, therefore having a dedicated barrister on hand was a perfect way to wake up. The hot beverages available for breakfast were immense. I chose fresh soup, dumplings, meat and many egg options. There was no shortage of food cuisines here. The fruit section and fresh coconut was a clear reminder of why Vietnam is a place I will return to very soon.

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed

Breakfast with a view over Saigon river

Le Meridien Saigon Vietnam – Luxury Hotel Reviewed


Ho Chi Minh City is famous for many coffee shops, clothes shopping plus many interesting markets. There was plenty of things to entertain myself.  The clothes shopping here is growing with many luxury malls opening up and also individual luxury boutiques. There are many restaurants to choose by and many cultural sites to visit. Le Meridien Saigon is perfectly situated in the centre of town next to the river, this allowed me to walk around and take in this fast-growing city.

The Vietnamese are very friendly and polite and they have their own unique culture that is very different from the rest of South-East Asia. Staying at Le Meridien Saigon was a nice introduction to a modern way of living regarding Saigon. It is the perfect place to relax, soak up the high end of this vibrant city. The staff reflect a modern laid back approach to serving my every need. I would visit Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City sooner rather than later as it is a city that will continue to grow and attract more tourists. The contrast to my visit 22 years ago was enormous. Make sure when choosing to stay here, to have some pastries, they are brilliant.


  • Room reviewed: Grand Deluxe
  • Website: www.lemeridiensaigon.com
  • Address: 3C Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 862636688

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