Supercar – What Does That Mean?

Supercar – What Does That Mean?

Supercars dominate the imagination when we think of speed and fury. Sure, luxury sedans from the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce have a timeless class and look great when parking it up outside a country estate. But when we’re cruising along the motorway in our economical little matchbox and put the boot down and struggle to overtake something similar, it’s then that we really wish we had supercar power under the bonnet.

Imagine being able to get from 0-60 in under three seconds, rather than taking off at the lights and painfully grinding through the gears as nippy cyclists pass you out. No doubt they will be smirking about how their two biological cylinders make a mockery of your engine. We feel slightly sorry for the disdain our poor little Accords and Puntos get when chugging up a hill with a line of traffic behind them. We know they’re trying their best but they just weren’t blessed with the same capabilities as others. Despite all that they’re ours and we still love them for who they are!

Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean?

So, what better than to imagine your pride and joy getting a full supercar makeover like Jennings Ford Direct have done? Giving them a V12 engine to rocket around and a sleek, aerodynamic body to make a stunning visual statement. We’d all happily stick with our under-rated marques forever if it was possible to kit them out like a Ferrari or Bugatti. Imagine your little Renault Clio, often mocked for its delicate features and ‘soft’ image (despite being European Car of the Year twice) tearing up the track at 220mph or cruising around town with a low profile sitting on 20-inch alloys.

That’s exactly what we’ve gone for with this illustration series, supercharging some of the most widely loved models around and seeing what they would look like if they got the Fairy Godmother treatment and went from pumpkin to bad-ass power chariot in an instant!

Think of your Toyota Yaris or Auris finished in a perfect Ferrari Rosso, with the horsepower and engine noise to match one of the greatest supercars of all time. Toyotas have always been known for their reliability but what’s the harm in combining that solidity with speed? Nothing at all we say, it’s about time the cars got rewarded for their loyal service!

Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean?

Anyone who drives a Kia knows exactly why they do so. It’s economical and rarely, if ever, breaks down. It does the basics extremely well in that you can depend on it to get you from A to B for as little as possible. It will never be a conversation-starter though, nor something a romantic partner might drop into conversation to impress their friends. Until now that is! Our artistic rendition of a Kia supercar would see it suped-up but still maintain its identifiable features like its distinctive radiator grill. With larger rear tyres and a 2WD option, the “new” Kia can drift with the best of them.

If there is one badge that no-one in their wildest dreams would have thought of on a supercar it is probably LADA. So that’s exactly what we’ve done! A cheap and unpretentious throwback to Soviet back-to-basics engineering in the 70s and 80s the LADA all but died out in the West by the turn of the century. Probably because it was still based on 40-year-old designs. Despite being the butt of every motoring joke imaginable we have transformed it into something any owner would be proud of. With the characteristic brute-force power and body-shape, the new LADA reinforces another stereotype, be careful making fun of a Russian!

So next time you’re stuck in traffic and you feel the people either side of you are looking down on your loyal motor, just sit back and think of how things could really be if your car was a supercar in its body as well as its mind! Supercars don’t have to empty your bank account either. Learn more about affordable exotic cars that even you can own today.

Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean? Supercar - What Does That Mean? Protection Status

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