Cool Fashion Staples

Recently I was asked to wear a plain white t-shirt and leather jacket, for a shoot with photographer Greig McDowall. This got me thinking,  just how long had it been cool to wear these 2 simple but powerful items?

As far back as the 1950’s the Kings of cool were donning the jacket and tee combo with the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean bringing cool to the big screen.

On through the 60’s and 70’s, with rock and roll and then punk, the outfit never lost it’s sense of rebellion and slick look. Danny Zuko and the t-birds on in the musical Grease all sporting leather jackets and white tees for the most part of the movie.

I can’t recall a time when my wardrobe never contained some form of leather jacket for the simple reason that no other jacket suits as many different looks and styles and as for the plain white T- Shirt; I have a drawer full of them, all simple and relatively inexpensive. All different but also all similar.

Quality Counts

The quality of jacket is important though, a good quality leather jacket, although expensive, it will last for years and as proved will never go out of fashion. The look is just as at home dressed up for a night out with a pair of Italian brogues as it does thrown on with ripped jeans and old trainers. Getting my look is simple really, a cool, good quality leather jacket and crisp white tee, don’t go overboard though. You want to look like you just stepped off a motorbike not just stepped out a fetish club.

I won’t be changing my urban uniform anytime soon and can’t imagine a time when it’s not cool to wear a leather jacket and plain white t shirt.


Greig Paterson - Leather jackets and white T-shirt (1)

Greig Paterson