Lexus NX450h Phev – The Stylish Crossover City SUV Reviewed

Lexus NX450h Phev – The Stylish Crossover City SUV Reviewed

Why do I deem the Lexus NX450h SUV as a female diver, my show-off city car? Find out more in my review as I take the Lexus NX for a week-long test.

This SUV crossover is a plug-in hybrid with an electric system. Due to the thermally – efficient 2.5 litre inline-four engine. With a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with front and rear electric motors. It meant I could choose between hybrid city driving to long distance fuel adventures. It would be for me the competitor to the Audi Q5.

I drove from the historical city Bath in Somerset down to Oxfordshire and through central London. I have put the Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun, yes it is a mouthful, to the utmost limits. I talk about the Formula 1 racing drive in torrential rain and the backroads experiences to Gatwick Airport later.

With its 0–60 time of only 6.0 seconds and impressive 304 total system horsepower. This is the fastest and most powerful NX ever.

Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza (4)

Stylish SUV That Suits My Lifestyle

When I parked the Sonic Grey Lexus NX450h in Bath, I instantly had a female audience literally come up to me. And asked what I was driving. I know it was the sharp origami bodywork that drew her attention. Lexus is renowned for its striking designs, and the NX450h definitely doesn’t buck that trend. It would be fair to say, Lexus was the car company that pioneered the oversize front grille. She also was intrigued why on earth do you need a grille that size? Maybe to outcompete the BMW grille. I laughed because it is the DNA of any Lexus now.

The beauty about this grey elegant beast is that it’s not so common on the roads of Britain. I drove it all over the South of the United Kingdom and didn’t see one. I, as a show-off driver, loved it.

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Hybrid & Just Stop Oil Protestors

If electric cars are the future and combustion engines are the past, it’s safe to say the ‘here and now technology is hybridisation. This is what we wrote last time when driving the Lexus UX250h F Sport Hybrid. With Brittan in the grip of the “Just Stop Oil Protestors” and the high cost of fuel, this feels like the right technology. This is why hybridisation is here to stay for a while, until battery technology becomes cheaper and more readily available. I am all for it. I drove the NX450h through Bath, Somerset, and gorgeous Cotswold villages like Bibury.

Bibury Cotswold Gracie Opulanza

Bibury Cotswold

In the full battery electric mode, the Lexus NX450h has an EPA-estimated driving range of 37 miles. The reassurance of self-charging hybrid technology when the battery was depleted was pure money-saving bliss. A simple push of a button allowed me to switch from fuel to hybrid, saving me money whilst being quiet driving through villages. It is the best of both worlds.

Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza (5)

The stress of charging stations in Britain is still a big challenge therefore driving a hybrid is the perfect bridge technology between fuel and going full electric.

Parking Lexus NX450h

No matter where I drove the Lexus NX450h in Sonic Grey, I could easily manoeuvre it through the villages of Gloucestershire and the streets of Chiswick London. It has self parking technology which is great in tight spaces.

Bath Somerset

Why visit Bath Somerset in a Lexus NX450h Sonic grey? This car when the hybrid is on can easily go through the streets of Bath in almost silent mode. This makes it perfect for exploring and easy to go in and out of traffic without adding noise or too much pollution in the urban delicate historic environment.

I stayed at Indigo Hotel Bath, which is a famous historical hotel that is all about design, so I was travelling with lots of fashion. The NX450h boot space of 520 l handled my fashion load easily as can be seen in the photo below.

Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza (1)

I liked the big chunky metal protectors with black plastic bars across it, it allowed for me to easy slide my heavy luggage in without scratching the car. With a push of the button, everything was locked and closed.

What To Wear In A NX450h

Staying at the Indigo Hotel in Bath. I opted for everything wool, canvas, and leather. Grey goes well with rustic and earthy colours.

My canvas and leather knee-high boots worked well with both the Sonic Grey and the interior of the Lexus which was all dark.

With such an array of patterns and colours, the NX450h Sonic Grey balanced this overall interior design trend here in Bath. Nothing is more endearing than wearing London Socks with patterns to match the Sonic Grey. The Sonic Grey looked amazing with my very own oversized leather red bag made in Italy.

This SUV is a perfect car to do business meetings across the country, whilst dropping the kids off at school.

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GPS & Range Anxiety No More

The last Lexus I drove, which was the LC500 coupe was a complicated car when it came to using the GPS, especially with the touchpad, it made me GPS anxious. When it came to GPS anxiety, Lexus was the car brand that led the way, but not anymore. Before the car was dropped off I had google maps ready to go. As I told myself I am not going to even entertain the thought of tackling the infotainment in this Lexus.

I nearly cried when I saw the new, effortless infotainment system. Congratulations I got everywhere and anywhere thanks to the Lexus NX450h with its massive 14-inch screen and easy-to-operate infotainment systems. This is the upgraded screen size, the standard size is a 9.8-inch screen.

Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Sonic Grey MenStyleFashion (3)

I loved that the temperature controls are dials and not some menu item.

Just Stop Oil Protesters Versus Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport

I was hoping I would not encounter one of the most disruptive oil protesters of all time. As luck would have it on the day I had to fly out at Gatwick airport. I decided to drive at 4 am to avoid Just Stop Oil Protestors. My journey began at Stratford Upon Avon. This is where I fell in love with the NX 450h Lexus SUV. I went into sports mode and off I went into a storm of every obstacle possible. The rain and driving at night were dangerous but I felt safe in this crossover SUV. Very important for any female driving with kids.

Due to the M25 being closed the GPS was taking me on a wild goose chase. It kept wanting me to go back on the M25 and not the back roads to Gatwick. On my mobile phone, google maps was also trying to take me back onto a closed M25. I will be honest I was so stressed I got in support! Have you ever used Share Your Location on WhatsApp?

Across European waters, my husband having an Italian coffee relaxed in Tuscany, talked me through every step of the way. Just like in Formula 1, conversations not worth repeating took place. With my husband’s two screens guiding me. Just like in the movie, Ready Player One, Off we went. My husband was laughing at the obstacles I encountered. Blowing a gale and the pouring rain I tested every bit of braking technology that the Lexus NX450h had. Through narrow villages avoiding falling branches, unexpected mums crossing roads with prams, to cyclists dominating the roads. Once I never wavered regarding compromising the safety of myself and others.

At one stage my husband asked why I was driving backwards. Unexpected road works ahead, meant time was not on my side. I was in racing car mode. And loving every bit of how this Lexus NX450h was performing, thrilling, to be honest. I was so excited when I could see the finishing line of Gatwick Airport with literally less than an hour for me to park and check in.

I had to park the car at the North Terminal on the fifth floor as this was the only parking space left. If going around in circles is not your thing include taking each corner both forwards and backwards to make the turn. This car park ticked all the frustrating elements of bigger SUVs. I just made it.

Big thank you to Lexus UK for being accommodating on many levels of what I deem one of the more challenging car reviews I have had.

Lexus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza (3)


I would buy the Lexus NX450h Sport in a heartbeat. No matter the challenges I encountered it got me to my destination on time and without effort. It’s truly a car that handles the stress of day-to-day lifestyle living as a working mum. It looks great and stands out from a lot of cookie-cutter SUVs. The Lexus hybrid system is well developed over the years and this is a technology that Toyota the mother company has perfected. The Lexus NX450h looks the part with its design and feels exclusive. Now that the infotainment systems are up to standard, there is nothing negative to say about this car.

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