Life Wipes: Really Big Baby Wipes for Adults

Life Wipes: Really Big Baby Wipes for Adults

Inspired by a passion for adventure and designed with practicality in mind, these wipes are guaranteed large enough to keep you clean in any and every situation. Where most body wipes are the size of a standard napkin, Life Wipes come in at a whopping 2 feet by 1 feet to ensure that your whole body will be adequately cleaned with just one wipe.

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The team that behind Life Wipes wanted to create a wet wipe that people could use when camping, that people could use at Coachella, or that you could bring with you on your upcoming road trip. At the end of the day, Life Wipes wanted to put a shower in our pockets and they wanted it giant, eco-friendly and soothing to the touch.

Traditional Body Wipes Are Really, Really Small

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Most wipes are about the size of a napkin and so thin as to feel more like an over-glorified moist towelette. With one average “body” wipe you’d wipe at most an arm, maybe a leg. At 2 feet by 1 feet Life Wipes are large enough to clean your whole body while also compact enough to fit in your back pocket. Seriously, put it in your back pocket and forget about it till you need it.

Made Using Only Eco-friendly, All-natural Spunlace Cotton

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As adventurers and life-experiencers, it’s clearly important to them that they keep the Earth alive and healthy. That’s why they chose to use the most eco-friendly materials available in creating the Life Wipe. They use all-natural spunlace biodegradable cotton and recycled packaging. Although your life wipe will naturally degrade, please remember the Golden Rule of adventuring, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.

Soothing Aloe Vera and Enriching Vitamin E

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Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years by people the world over as a natural moisturizer and tonic. It’s used in sunscreens and as a salve for sunburns. Vitamin E is used to prevent and repair cell and tissue damage. Both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E have powerful antioxidant properties.

For the team at Life Wipes, life is about experiences. It’s about putting yourself out there and enjoying all that the world has to offer. Whether that be backpacking through the Sierras or exploring your neighbor’s backyard, they believe that everyone should go out and explore.  Life Wipes created this company as a brand dedicated to serving the explorer, the adventurer, the traveler.

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Take these wipes with you on your next camping trip, your next concert, your next bike ride, your next road trip, your next workout, your next yoga session, your next picnic, your next weekend getaway, really your next anything. Life is just a series of adventures both large and small so take these wipes with you and make the most of it!

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Right now they are currently raising money to put down the deposit for their initial production run. They’re dedicated to complete transparency and will update everyone weekly!

You can help bring Life Wipes into full product by helping back their campaign on Kickstarter!

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