Lifestyle Tips – What Defines a Sharp-Dressed Man

Lifestyle Tips – What Defines a Sharp-Dressed Man

You’ve got only one chance to make a first impression. Even if you are not interested in fashion at all, you will have to admit that our appearance and the clothes we wear can greatly affect communication, career and other aspects of social life. However, the concept of “stylishly dressed man” is incredibly broad. Those who want to achieve “perfection” in combining colour and style spend all their lives mastering this art. But here are the good news! It’s not rocket science to look like a proper modern-day gentleman.

In the first part of the article, we will examine the basics of drawing up a wardrobe for work and other occasions. Afterwards, we will also share with you some ideas on how to tackle self-doubting questions like “Do I dress well?” and start feeling confident in any situation.

Menswear lifestyle tips

Dress code and clothing for different occasions

Wearing pieces of clothing like a football jersey of your favourite team with sneakers or a well-tailored suit with an elegant Italian leather briefcase can speak volumes about your tastes. Sure, some occasions require strict dress codes whereas some are nothing short of casual – but the ultimate goal is to find the right measure in everything. Life is not a constant competition in RuPaul’s Drag Race, although there is nothing wrong with showing off some of that extravaganza, too!

Point being: there is a time and a place for everything. Dressing too elegantly in easy-going situations is just as wrong as being too casual during official happenings. It takes a keen eye to dress accordingly for each occasion – and for that to happen, your wardrobe should include garments for all instances. Solemn, business, informal, sexy, or sporty, you have to be ready to own all those looks.

Menswear lifestyle tips

Finding the right size

The key rule for any clothes you choose is that it should fit you well. If the jacket is two sizes larger, the pants sit too tight, and the shirt keeps crawling out from under the belt, your appeal will not be saved by the fact that all the pieces you wear are expensive and high-quality. To achieve the best fit, use the following rules:

If you are not entirely sure what your current size is when buying a new piece of clothing, then try at least two-three pieces. You need to make doubly sure which sits better on you. However, even if you are certain, it still makes sense to compare, since different manufacturers have different ideas about sizes and patterns. Do not be lazy to try things out. Finding the right trousers or jacket for your figure may cost you more time but the overall appearance will be several times more appealing if you get it right.

Also, if you have gained weight or, on the contrary, have lost some, do not continue to carry the same old things as if nothing had happened. Look critically at your reflection in the mirror and take measures. Remember, ill-fitting clothing can spoil a good impression and take a toll on your sense of comfort.

Menswear lifestyle tips

Pick your colours wisely

The first thing that catches someone’s eye and influences your impression-making proclivities is the combination of colours. Today, our fashion choices allow us to mix different shades and deviate from the traditional rules. But, if you do not want to spend a lot of time learning the nuances and avoid losing your mind in the morning about, you can do it the easier way.

Choose a few classic pieces, combine them on yourself, and buy things that complement your figure and skin tone. For example, black, white, blue, and grey – you cannot go wrong with them! It is rather difficult to make a mistake with such tones, and you can make the image more interesting with the help of certain bright things or accessories.

Menswear lifestyle tips

Attention to accessories

Both God and the Devil are in the details. Be it a business suit or jeans with a polo shirt, any simple but well-fitting outfit will acquire a new dimension if you incorporate a suitable accessory. A lot of men forget about them because they feel accessories do not have practical functionality. Who needs a watch if you have a smartphone in your pocket? Make no mistake, accessories have the power to distinguish a regular image from a stylish one.

The watch, for instance, is a classic stylish accessory. This detail should be of good quality, on a leather strap or steel bracelet. Leather wallets or an elegant handmade backpack can also positively contribute to your fashion sense. Stop stuffing your pockets to the limit and adorn yourself with some tasteful bling. Just be careful not to overdo it, too, because demonstrating class with excessive jewellery can be off-putting.

Go shopping and feel free to try out accessories that you are not used to wearing. Experiment with all those accessory pieces, which you don’t have a habit of noticing. Will they actually become a piece of your newborn image? Who knows? They might surprise you more than you give them credit.

Menswear lifestyle tips

In conclusion

The science of dressing stylishly can be mastered by anyone. But, just like with any other change, you will have to spend some decent amount of time and energy to make it right. Don’t be afraid to dress in many different styles and ask others for opinions. The road to achieving the polished and unique look is long but never impossible. Find what style suits you best and let it occupy you with ease and comfort. Protection Status

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