Lacoste Revamp – Youthful and Edgy Sportswear

Lacoste Revamp – Youthful and Edgy Sportswear

lacoste blue sweater 2012

Lacoste Revamp

Lacoste is one of those brands if I am really honest, I can’t believe is still around. But it goes to show if you maintain a strong quality label and keep on going, your customers will keep supporting it. In utter disbelief , I had to blink twice when I noticed its 2012-2013 lookbook. It was certainly targeting a more youthful design for men. Why am I promoting it? First of all the British male model Cal­lum Wil­son, certainly made the collection look more edgy and simply trendy. But more intriguing was the  sports label’s ready to wear revamp. It was very unlike Lacoste.

The Jackets

Smart move by Lacoste, holding onto what they know best, their jackets. However by combining a  sporty mix of sportswear and accessories these  jackets look super cool. Whether you’re after the varsity jacket, a  bombers or parkas. One thing is for sure the quality and design is bang on classic trend. Very unlike Lacoste, I’m liking the bright polar colour blocking. It still oozes Lacoste but in a more edgy way.

lacoste plaid shirt -red jacket with fur collar

Lacoste plaid shirt red jacket with fur collar

Materials Used

Lacoste certainly has been more adventurous in the fabrics. The corduroy and canvas gillets are very refreshing and work with this sporty image. The geometric printed monochromatic jumpers with fabric contrasts certainly have brought a conservative look towards a more youthful audience. The utility shirts and minimal design rucksacks, really work well with the rest of the collection.

Adapt To Your Liking

These new refreshing collections are one that you can certainly adapt to your liking. Choose a jacket you’ll know you will adore and it team with chinos. Dark skinny jeans would certainly give these jackets a sporty edge. Well done Lacoste you certainly have given us more options to our current wardrobe.

Lacoste Live Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men jacket


Lacoste Live Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men Bomber jacket


Loving this Bomber jacket

Lacoste Live Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men Green Winter jacket

Loving the choice of colour

Lacoste Live Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men Orange Down Winter jacket

It’s all in the detail and quality of the fabrics

Lacoste Live Fall Winter 2012 2013 Men wool baseball jacket

Combine this baseball jacket with a colorful shirt and it will look very sporty and funky.

Lacoste vintage sportswear

Lacoste vintage, that high end sports wear as we still know it today.

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