Men’s Suits – A Suit For Every Man

Men’s Suits – A Suit For Every Man

Men’s Suits

Giorgio Armani once said that the difference between style and fashion is quality, and he is absolutely right. You cannot have ultimate style without it being of impeccable quality. Some men find it hard to follow fashion and tend to get sucked into the same old high street trends. Style can be instinctual, or it can be learned. Many men learn style through the women they are with, or through fashion icons which are plastered over fashion magazines.

A Suit Should Suit Your Lifestyle

No matter what your profession or life style, every man should own a suit. A suit which will make you feel and look like a million dollars. Many men think that going to their local Matalan and picking up any old suit jacket and pair of trousers will do, but this shows. If you want to make a statement, then this will just not do. When buying something as important as a suit be sure you know what you are looking for, to avoid just being sold something of low quality and style.

Tailored Suits Why Own One

Having at least one suit that has been tailor made especially for you needs to be an addition to every man’s wardrobe. It is important to create a good relationship with your tailor, ask questions whenever you are unsure about anything, whether it be style, fit or quality. You can learn so much from a tailor which you can take away and use in everyday life.

Popular British and Italian Cut Suits

Here is a brief oversight of the popular British and Italian cut suits. British cut suits are ones with narrow shoulders and one which are close to the body. The hip section of the jacket flares out ever so slightly to add accent to the waist.  An Italian cut suit has wide shoulders and is tapered at the waist. The suits overall look is more like an inverted V, where the shoulders are accented, the waist is tapered and the hips are snug and close to the body. The British Traditional cut is ideal for a standard proportioned body structure that is not too slim nor too full. An Italian cut is more ideal for an athletic figure.

Antony Morato

The Italian label, Antony Morato offers suits for the modern man, and their 2012 winter collection has it all. This season Antony Morato offers stylish suits for men, which are relaxed and smart. This collection shows that you don’t have to choose separate suits for work and the evening, these suits can be worn during any occasion and still look sleek. They can serve just as well from 9pm to 5am as they do from 9am to 5pm.

Nothing should stop you from wearing a suit day and night, if James Bond can do it, then so should you!

antony morato 2012 winter blazer.

It’s all in the detail

Antony Morato Blazer 2 Button Shoulder Detail In Brown,2012

Antony Morato Blazer 2 Button Shoulder Detail In Brown,2012

antony morato 2012,grey, winter blazer.

antony morato 2012 winter grey hooded blazer

Loving the hood

antony morato 2012 winter

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