Blitz Motorbike- owners Fred and Hugo riding in Paris

Blitz Motorbikes

Talented duo Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel own their company called Blitz Motorcycles. What they do is make and transform  customise, hand finish motorcycles into unique, one-of-a-kind machines. They make it very clear that every project they undertake honours a legend while telling it’s own story. Theses two gentleman inspire me to encourage any man to think about their motorbike gear. For me they are the  new James Dean and Steve Mcqueen, motorbike trend setters.

What is their Motorbike Style?

  • Jackets – Any thing vintage, Belstaff or  leather Blazer.
  • Male Grooming – Messrs Fred Jourden (who has a big beard) and Hugo Jezegabel (who has a smaller beard).
  • Blitz Motorcycle Fashion Message – A jumper from Saint James, a T-shirt from Edwin, a pair of Edwin jeans and of course a vintage watch.
  • Boots – Red Wing boots
  • Helmet – They favour Davida helmets, which have the look of the 1960s.
  • Sunglasses – Ray-bans, Aviators or whatever is needed to give that vintage flare while riding.

Their motorbike fashion and attitude inspirations

  1. Italy’s Giacomo Agostini holds the all-time records for the greatest number of world championships and grand prix victories.
  2. Bud Ekins, Steve McQueen’s friend. He was a stunt rider who made the jump on The Great Escape because the studio wouldn’t let McQueen do it.
  3. Evel Knievel, because he made me dream as a kid.
  4. Barry Sheene, who  married glamour model Stephanie McLean.They fell in instant motorbike lust while working together on a photo shoot for  Chrsyler.

Dream bike

A Vincent Black Lightning, an English brand bike very rare indeed.

LONG LIVE THE KINGS – Short film documentary – from SAGS on Vimeo.

Motorbike leather jacket - Blitz motorbike

Embrace this unkempt look


Blitz Motorbike - Vintage Military jacket


Blitz Motorbike - Riding a vintage motorbike




Blitz Motorbike - Paris


 Dark/Stealth/WWII secret weapon – looking BMW 2 Series from 1963

Dark/Stealth/WWII secret weapon – looking BMW 2 Series from 1963


Davida Helmets, 1960's motorbike helmets

Davida Helmets, 1960’s fashion inspired.



Redwing Berlin shoe