London Collection Men – Burberry Return To British Shores

London Collection Men – Burberry Return To British Shores


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I always find it somewhat galling when a fashion brand with roots so immersed in British heritage decides to show its collections on foreign shores, it’s akin to being given your Christmas presents and then watching someone else have the pleasure of unwrapping them via Skype.

I understand the financial implications of brands deciding to show off their collections on foreign soil and while fashion, and the world in general is led by the lure of money in the 21st Century, there is something of the romantic in me that still finds it painful to see some of the UK’s top designers giving the people of Milan, Paris and New York a glimpse of their collections before us Brits.

London Collection Men – Burberry Catwalk

So how delightful it is to see Burberry menswear announcing it will be showing at the forthcoming London Collections: Men after a ten year hiatus in Milan.

If ever a brand were synonymous with the fashion landscape of the British Isles you need look no further than Burberry; one only needs to conjure images of gentrified men heading to City adorned in the beige Burberry rain macs – resplendently lined in the iconic Burberry tartan check – to understand just how quintessential the brand is to British shores.
Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer and the man whose vision has seen Burberry once again become a force du jour in the fashion world (for both men’s and womenswear) is delighted to see the brand returning to its original roots:“London is the creative heart of Burberry and our global headquarters, so we are incredibly excited to be showing our next men’s collection here.

The country’s proud menswear heritage and outstanding contemporary talent give it a unique and powerful energy. It is a wonderful time to be bringing our menswear show home.”

It seems fitting that with London Collections: Men going from strength-to-strength and cementing itself firmly within the make-up of the world’s leading fashion shows that we can now add one of the UK’s most prestigious brands to the roster. And that can only be a good thing.



Classic trench coat for many years now

Jonny Burt wearing the Classic Burberry Jacket

Jonny Burt wearing the Classic Burberry Jacket


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