Lisa King – Scarves, Bow Ties & Jewellery

Lisa King – Scarves, Bow Ties & Jewellery

Lisa King - Scarves for 2013

Lisa King

Lisa King has worked with many UK designers, Osman Yousefzada, Boudicca and Issa London. Alongside international brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and Armani. Nice work Lisa. But for me, one of the most amazing insides is she has for many years teamed up alongside stylist and Creative Director (and long-term Kylie collaborator) William Baker. For a short period, Lisa worked with Judy Blame. For those who have no idea what I am talking about let me remind you.

Back in 2007, I went to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum for the Kylie Minogue Exhibition called, Image of a Pop star. One amazing costume, that stood out for me was the iconic centrepiece dress. When looking at it I instantly thought who has the talent to put that together? Little did I know years later, I would run into the lady who assisted in putting on this glamour gown for all to view. I’m excited to have met Lisa because in this tough economic time she has decided to go it alone. When you’ve had this much experience, your talent can only shine when you do things your way and have total control in building your own brand. For me, Lisa is one of the next up-and-coming talents you need to get hold of sooner rather than later.

Kylie MInougue - Image of a Pop Star

Steel Flora Collection 2013

This is her first collection of luxury accessories,  she prints the lining of the bags and constructs the jewellery herself. Her collection includes scarves, bags and jewellery which look and feel amazing. The silk scarves are printed and hand sewn in England. I am proud to say she supports British manufacturing. The UK has always had a huge reputation for high quality goods. Designers like this need to be praised for holding onto British Heritage.


I am astounded at how amazing these scarves look on any guy. The smart choice of prints and fabric chosen by Lisa will have you wearing these timeless pieces over and over. You can team them with a jean jacket, or sweater let alone your blazer. The choice is immense and all down to what message you want to give out. In this case screw you all and wear what ever you like.

Lisa King says:  “Throughout my recent work I’ve studied the contrast between masculine industrial forms in engineering and feminine shapes and textures. I set out to create two very distinct prints, and manifest the different ways in which i approach print design.”



Lisa King - Scarves for 2013

Lisa King Sweater for 2013

Lisa King - Scarves for 2013

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