London Fashion Week Street Style – Real Men Don’t Pose

London Fashion Week Street Style – Real Men Don’t Pose

I met Gareth at the Me Hotel London. He did not even get a chance to say hello and cameras were rolling. I’m all for exposing talent and somewhat very overwhelmed at the work Gareth did for MenStyleFashion. Gareth is far from the stereotypical guy who roams around posing let alone get into all this fashion stuff. So here is his perspective of a fashion shoot. Little did he know this is what MenStyleFashion is all about getting the man on the street in action. At the end of the day our men don’t pose.

Brace Yourselves, It’s Going To Get Pretty


Here is some info about Gareth.

I am a Sussex based fashion photographer with a big passion for street wear, urban culture and hip hop that features heavily in my editorial work. I am also a skilled catwalk and street style photographer having shot at London Fashion week and as a member of the Brighton Fashion week photography team. My Style I would say is spontaneous and freestyle in approach with taking big influences from such pioneering photographers as Juergen Teller and Nan Goldin. I am in the process of designing an online streetwear magazine that will highlight creative and unusual editorial style shoots by me of street wear brands from the UK and abroad.

Favourite Photographers Quote:

If your shots aren`t good enough, You`re not close enough” – Robert Capa

Twitter: @sunshinelense


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