Affordable Fashion – Price Does Not Dictate Quality

Affordable Fashion – Price Does Not Dictate Quality

The word affordable gets misused a lot within the fashion industry. Many people seem to confuse affordable, with cheap. However this does not have to be the case, price does not always have to dictate quality. This article will illustrate how to be business smart when shopping for your new wardrobe.

Shop Thrifty

Macklemore’s 2012 smash brought to light some of the benefits of shopping at your local charity shop. Charity shops can be a great resource when looking for new clothes. Shopping at a charity shop is no different than buying clothes from eBay, other than you are supporting worthwhile causes. One of the best finds I have had in a charity shop was a D&G suit for under £40! If you are particularly creative, charity shops are great for picking up pieces you can alter and customise yourself.

Sale Savvy Shopping

Sales are a great time to pick up new clothes, however be cautious when purchasing and be careful not to buy things you do not need. Sales are a chance for stores to purge themselves of last season’s designs, be careful not to buy something that 2 months down the line will be stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. Use sales as a chance to pick up wardrobe staples such as plain shirts, trousers, blazers, shoes e.t.c.

Investment Items

There are certain items that price and quality do tend to go hand in hand. One such item is shoes, a mistake many men make is thinking that going for the cheaper version of these will save them money. This is not the case, that cheap pair of shoes will cost you more than investing in a decent pair to start with. The reason for this is a good pair of shoes should last a long time, however the cheaper version you may opt for will likely need replacing every 2 months (and that’s being generous) tally up the cost of these and you will see your smart purchase wasn’t so smart at all.

Another investment item is a well fitted suit. Every man should own three suits one blue, one black and one grey. Even if you don’t wear suits to work having these three will cover you for weddings, special events, date night, court hearings, the works. If you do not have a Savile row budget follow the above tips and pick up one that fits reasonably well and go to a good tailor who can alter this for you. Also many high street brands such as Topman retail good quality suits at a reasonable price.

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