London Olympic 2012 Uniforms

The London Olympic 2012 has started with a great opening ceremony showcasing Britain and bringing all the athletes together in the traditional country by country giant catwalk. Eventually, medals will do the talking but at the start of the games, it is all about what uniforms were worn by each of the various countries. I have picked some uniforms I think stood out from the rest.

Holland Olympic Uniform


Holland shows of their national colours but I love the use of the tulip.

British Olympic Uniform


C.O. Getty Images

British Olympic Uniform – very original. Look at the gold used at the collars.  Is this a promise of the gold medals they will win?  Time will tell.

German – Olympic Uniform


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I want to go to the candy store

Paraguay Olympic Uniform


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Paraguay – Are we at an Olympic event or a fashion catwalk here? These Olympic uniforms are so chic.

Belgium Olympic Uniform

Belgium ,London-Olympics-Uniform

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Belgium – London Olympics Uniform, another stylish example

Mexico Olympic Uniform


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Mexico – All the colours of the rainbow combined with the traditional sombrero hat.

USA Olympic Uniform


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USA – Where are we flying to, flight crew?