KINGSMAN The Secret Service – New Styles of Marketing for Menswear

KINGSMAN The Secret Service – New Styles of Marketing for Menswear

Kingsman: The Secret Service

The movie Kingsman: The Secret Service has now been released in the UK. The movie tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined street kid into the agency’s training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted genius. It has gifted renowned actors Samuel L Jackson, Colin Firth whom I have met at onefortheboys and Michael Caine in the movie.

MR PORTER x Kingsman

MR PORTER and director Mr Matthew Vaughn have created a bespoke collection from Ms Arianna Phillips’ costume design for the Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie. I had the pleasure to meet Toby Bateman, fashion director at Mr Porter and the costume designer Arianna Phillips at a pop store in Savile Row the day before it launched.

These two are the first-ever in fashion history to launch a pop-up store in the most prestigious tailor street in London. I have been campaigning Savile row for over a year now, and it is refreshing to see new styles of marketing via the use of pop shops entering this traditional tailoring street.

With the shop they allow you to buy and experience the clothing worn in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. What they talked about was that film always dictates fashion trends. For this reason alone they are creating news waves for menswear clothing and the way that it is marketed.

Listen to what Arianne Phillips has to say about the movie. What suit trend is now set in the movie chosen by Arianne.

Double Breasted Suit

With Colin Firth as one of the main characters in the movie always wearing a double-breasted suit this is the main piece of the collection. It could not be more British than the double-breasted pinstripe suit. This will be the year that the double-breasted makes a come back.

The Kingsman Collection

The Kingsman collection is for sale now exclusively at Mr Porter. I have been campaigning Savile Row for over a year now and the video for anyone out there that has no idea what we are talking about, explains what Savile Row is.

Shots by Maria Scard Protection Status

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