Men’s Fashion Winter 2013: Tartan Style Guide

Men’s Fashion Winter 2013: Tartan Style Guide

Men’s Fashion 2013: How to Wear Tartan Correctly

Let’s face it, tartan is not the easiest nor the most attractive pattern to have in fashion. However, whether you like it or not, tartan is the new way to go this winter 2013. This style guide aims to help you utilise the Scottish trend and be in fashion, subtly, without going over board.

Of course, some love it, and will take it to the extreme – tartan suits are available from places like Jigsaw and Topman, which we adore. However, for the majority.. including myself… a whole suit is just too much, don’t you think?

Choose your Male-Friendly Tartan

Lets begin by choosing your tartan. Some history: tartans are native to different clans from Scotland. For example, there is the Macleod tartan, the Ross tartan and the Glencoe tartan. They represent different names, families, locations – traditionally. Since they hit the catwalks, they’ve been manipulated and twisted so as to not represent any specific clans, so first choose your colourings: do you want to go traditional and wear the tartan that relates to your family heritage? Or would you rather something that has no significance to you?

Topman tartan green - What men wear in Winter

Fashion History

Tartan was traditionally worn on a kilt, with the top half dressed with what now might be called a suit and tie look. This might be something to consider when worrying about where to draw the line of TOO MUCH TARTAN… Bear in mind that originally, it was just the bottom half… and even then, only from waist to knees.

Winter 2013: Tartan Jacket for Men

Tartan jackets are looking great this season, and are a perfect accompaniment to a smart/casual look. Mix a tartan jacket with your suit trousers of a plain colour (black, grey or navy) and you’ll look top-notch for your business appointment, social gathering or date. Not so brave? Use a touch of tartan to spice up your look. A tartan scarf or even just a handkerchief can change your look entirely, so use the small things to make the big difference.

Remember, especially with tartan: it’s not how much, but rather what you do with it.

Jigsaw Tartan for Men Winter 2013


Tartan can often be very overpowering and as such, should be approached with caution – unless you’re brave enough to put up with the looks, or have the ability to tone it down with a plain shirt and hat. So to answer the question of what to wear this winter 2013, a touch of tartan takes you far. Too much and you’ll stand out, but maybe that’s what you want.

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