Montigo Resorts Semiyak Bali – Curated Cuisine By Chef Alit

Montigo Resorts Semiyak Bali – Curated Cuisine By Chef Alit

luxuy-week-bali-300I have been to Bali many times and it is the first time I am staying in an area called Semiyak. This particular area is up and coming and I can clearly see that new innovative, interior designs here are being showcased. I stayed at Montigo Semiyak, which was busy building and adding a new section for it clients and recreating a new sense of vision regarding luxury stays. It is a resort that caters both for the locals and parts of Asia, especially families coming from Singapore and Australian who have wisely chosen a stylish resort like Montigo to enjoy a part of Bali which is thriving. For the fashion conscious, this area has the more up market and wonderful unique boutiques with the latest fashion and Indonesian trends. This is  also another top reason to stay here and  show off your personal summer style. The access to the beach is via the funky “where to be seen” Potato head beach club.

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The standard of the boutiques

Reception Area

Like most tropical resorts the reception area was simple and had an open feel to it. When entering, one of the unique aspects to this resort was the open air restaurant called Tiigo. Very unusual is the swimming pool which is right at the front of the resort. The guests as well as people walking by can swim in the pool, as long as you purchase from the bar or restaurant. The staff were very on the ball and willing to accommodate whenever I needed something.


The reception area


Curated Cuisine By Chef Ali

We had the pleasure of being hosted by Chef Alit himself. It was so nice for him to serve theses amazing dishes. I am very familiar with Indonesian cuisines and as for value for money, restaurant Tiigo was worth every penny, £17 for a 4 course menu. Even if you’re not staying here, you must come and try the food. The presentation of the food and how it tastes was divine. One of the most interesting dishes I have to say was the Rosemary sorbet, which was presented in an ice cube tower. This is a must try and got my tastes buds in overdrive. The cold noodles called, Hiyashi on ice was also very refreshing. The Tiigo Martini, which is prawns, cauliflower puree with lobster bisque, was very strong as fish dishes go. It was like drinking a cappuccino, so very light and fluffy, one of my top seafood dishes.

The wealth of food available to you here throughout the day was excellent. There are many healthy options for children too and if you want western food that was not an issue either. Anyone visiting Bali in the Seminyak area should definitely opt for this restaurant to try Indonesian and Asian fusion style food.

Rosemary Sorbet

Rosemary Sorbet

In speaking to Chef Alit, he explained that it takes 8 hours to create this ice sculpture. He uses a balloon and hangs it from the ceiling to create it, When staying here, please go for the ice cuisines you won’t be disappointed.

Hiyashi Somen on ice

Hiyashi Somen on ice

Tiigo Martini

Tiigo Martini


Breakfast had a wealth of choices from buffet to a la carte. This following is what me and my family had for breakfast, made by Chef Alit himself. Not common to see sushi on the menu, it tasted great. The salts used can be purchased to take home and also these are made by Chef Alit.


Best full English in Bali.

Available at breakfast Spices

Available at breakfast fabulous Spices

As far as interior design products used in the restaurant, I just loved the flooring, it was very classy indeed. The pool bar was made out of banana, love how Indonesia uses its natural resources into its world of interior design.

Montigo Resorts Semiyak MenStyleFashion (5)Tiigo-Montigo-Resorts-Semiyak--bar-made-out-of-bannana

Premier Room

I stayed in the premier room which was very modern and spacious. I loved the shades of blue which created a relaxing environment in these deluxe rooms. The close access to the pool was great and the enclosed outdoor area which was private to me was an added bonus. The outdoor seating area was perfect for me to write this article at 4 am. When in Bali I encourage you to get up super early and enjoy the tropical weather. For me it is one of the best times of the day, to get my creativity in overdrive.

Each room features a bubble bath plush feather bed, it was huge and so comfortable to sleep in. As for the TV setting, it has to be one of the most stylish concepts I have seen. It was so pleasing to the eye to watch TV. Well in this case the decor behind it was just as inviting.


The spacious double sink is a real bonus and I loved the separate bath and shower.  Exclusive to these suites only are the Bvlgari products just added to the premier experience. The overall room size was 37 m2 and just completed my stay. I love space and this room was that and more. I liked the welcome food in the room,  this is not common at all.




I was spoiled here and the staff were so much fun. The highlight to this place has to be restaurant Yiigo. The food was fantastic and very affordable. The atmosphere was excellent and the open air access to the restaurant by people walking by gave me that holiday buzz. There were only 48 rooms at the moment, but the resort is adding a new pool and more accommodation, which is going to look great. For those looking for a relaxing family fun place to stay with a touch of luxury, a place you can call home and eat to a high standard, Montigo Resort is that place. Here you can relax, be you and have a fabulous holiday. Thank you to all the staff for such a brilliant stay.



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