Luxury British Men’s Shirt Brand – A’legions

Luxury British Men’s Shirt Brand – A’legions

If there is such a thing as a synonym to men’s luxury it would most definitely be the brand A’legions. Launched in 2013, A’legions’ shirts are created from the finest cotton-blended fabrics, expertly made and supplied to them by the illustrious Albini Group, who have been prized for their expertise by many – in the UK and internationally – for several hundred years.

The Albini Group was one of the first manufacturers of shirting fabric in 19th-century Italy continuing their operations up to the current day.


Having worked with the world’s experts, such as Wendler (around since 1843), in order to develop the three unique collar types: The Cutaway, The Venetian and The Roman High, A’legions prioritises interlining and fusing. Many collars feature edge-stitching creating a perfected finish. Additionally A’legions has also developed several pioneering construction techniques, which can be appreciated in the ‘incorporated-bow tie’ (as seen in the Sinatra), smooth ‘peel-and-reveal’ cuff tips, the ‘flush inside-pocket’ and the ready-to-wear double-cuff, which can be worn in multiple ways.

All shirts are decorated in the emblem of two crossed keys, which stems from ancient codes of loyalty and strength and accordingly used as a symbol of proven quality. Valentine’s Day is impending, including the soirées of romance and strategically planned dates and with them the tormenting question of what to wear. Enthusing that special someone is hard, and even more so during formal occasions.

Fortunately A’Legions has a range of shirts perfected for a variety of settings and circumstances, following a concise, yet informative guide put together with assistance of the brand’s founder, Mike Woodall.


Olympus – ‘What we do in life, echoes through eternity’ accompanies the owner of this shirt through any event it is worn to, printed in black on the right back shoulder as a very subtle on-shirt tattoo. A luxurious cotton with satin finish donates this shirt its sophisticated look. Light capturing jet hematite Swarovski crystal buttons on the cuffs and top collar button add to a refined finish.

Olympus-1 Olympus-2 Olympus-3 Olympus-4

Relaxed Formal

Foxlease Black – This modern shirt is designed for fashionable individuals who do not shy away from details. Fashioned in black cotton poplin with a subtle sheen and carefully placed Swarovski elements, this shirt is elegant and refined for the perfect night out.

Foxlease-Black-1 Foxlease-Black-2 Foxlease-Black-3


Sinatra – A timeless classic adorned with an asymmetrical pleated front and built-in black bow tie (liberating from the drain of having to find a suitable bow tie). Designed with a luxurious aura, this shirt would be the perfect companion for black-tie events, or high-end restaurants and bars. Moreover, Swarovski crystal buttons nod to a hint of opulence. Jet-hematite black fastenings feature on the collars and cuffs, while translucent buttons feature down the front.

Sinatra-2 Sinatra-1

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