Maître Gims

French rapper Gandhi Djuna aka Maître Gims, known for his presence in the famous French rap group Sexion d’Assaut, has started a solo career in the year 2013. Subiminal is his first album which launched back in May 2013, however he has been working in the music industry since 2005. With great songs like “J’me Tire”, “Meurtre Par Strangulation” and “Bella” this album seems promising the rapper a success that would ensure sustainability at the individual artist’s career. MSF thinks that Maître Gims has emerged as a key figure of French rap.

maitre gimes wati b cap

Wati B

Maître Gims can be seen a lot with clothing from Wati B which is a clothing line launched by record label Wati B back in 2011. Sexion d’Assaut is under Wati-Bs management. Through merchandising, operations co-branding, licensing, WATI B is a key player for the youth who identify with the message and to the values: family, tolerance, solidarity and excellence.

sexion d'assaut - wati b

Sexion d’Assout in Wati B outfits

sexion d'assaut wati b


maitre gimes in the Bella video clip with wati b clothing

Maître Gims with Wati B T-shirt and cap in the “Bella” Video clip.

Vortex VX

Since the launch of his Solo carreer Maître Gims can be seen promoting his own clothing line called Vortex VX  compromising of t-shirts, hats and accessories. So it seems his style can easily be bought through both the Wati B  and Vortex VX clothing lines.

maitre gims -j'me tire video clip - vortexvx

Maître Gims in the J’me Tire video clip wearing his Vortex brand.

His Style

Besides the T-shirts and caps what are the other styles that you can copy from Maître Gims.

Beard and Sun glasses

Maître Gims can always be seen with a beard and he loves to cover his eyes with sun glasses.

Maitre Gims sun glasses


Leather Jackets

He can be seen with tight fitting leather jackets.

Maitre Gimes leather jacket

maitre gims leather jacket red


Video – Bella

Check out the great video clip “Bella” set in Spain with a Matador theme.