Male Grooming Industry Declines Due To Rise Of Beards

Male Grooming Industry Declines Due To Rise Of Beards

Rise Of The Beard

Today I read in The Telegraph that due to an explosion in the number of men wearing fashionable beards, the male grooming industry was hit to the tune of £72 million. To me this comes as no surprise after interviewing the UK’s most influential Beard and Tattoo Model Ricki Hall.  In fact MenStyleFashion has focused on beard fashion over the last two years, as I could see the value and power it would have. On the flip side I have also focused on top male grooming barbers who encourage a man to look after his beard. So where does the male grooming industry go from here?

Male Grooming Industry

The Telegraph points out that stores in Europe sold £72 million less men’s grooming products this year than last. However it would be too soon to predict the demise of metro-sexual grooming – retailers still sold £2.2 billion worth of shaving paraphernalia across the EU in the period. The dip is also good news for committed shavers with executives scrambling to cut the prices of their products to remain competitive.

IRI market analyst Emily Mayer said: “Men are changing their shopping habits as the popularity for facial hair grows.”

Beards The Power They Have Over Both Men And Women

Over a year ago I couldn’t help noticing how women reacted to men with beards. Even though they look amazing it is fair to say in my own research when it comes to beards it’s a very personal choice. You either hate them or love them. The male grooming products out there now certainly have highlighted the fact of beard maintenance. Like most things the question remains? Is growing a beard a trend or is it here to stay? I can certainly say with influences such as Ricki Hall let alone George Clooney let the beard war continue.


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