6 Cool Reasons Why Men Should Grow Beards

6 Cool Reasons Why Men Should Grow Beards

Growing a beard is a natural thing for men. Depending on a specific culture and societal norm, it could symbolize a lot including rites of passages, maturity, trend, and fashion. It is always the normal thing men do before the rise of shavers and razors. It has been a thing in the past that men grow facial hair and groom it in specific styles. Aside from these, there are more cool reasons why men continue to grow their beards over time.

6 Cool Reasons Why Men Should Grow Beards

Low Maintenance

Healthy growth of beard may look like it is a handful, but it is actually easier to maintain than it is to shave constantly. You wouldn’t need to trim, prepare shavers, put shaving cream or lotion, then put an aftershave after everything. With a beard, you just let it grow and comb it occasionally if you please. If it has gotten longer, what some men do is to braid it or put it in a knot. This makes preparation easier, especially in the morning when you are in a rush and do not have time to squeeze in some shaving. Of course, there are also some things you can put on for the sake of vanity. You can put oils and creams to make the hair and the skin underneath moister. For some people whose hair is starting to grow silver or white, there are beard dyes available that will help maintain and revive its color. Aside from occasionally combing and putting some oils or cream, they can mostly be left alone as they are.

A More Matured Look

Having a beard can make men look more mature. This is one of the reasons given by men when asked why they like growing beards. This has something to do with a person’s preference for how they want to look for other people. Studies have shown that more women find bearded men more attractive because they look more dependable and stronger. They also tend to get more attention and can easily stand out among the crowd compared to those who are clean-shaven. Beards add an appeal which makes men appear tougher and more hardy. Most men like to grow their beards as they are growing older because it is a way they can control how they look.

Lesser Breakouts

Shaving can cause acne and further breakouts to the skin. This is most especially true for those who have sensitive skin. The irritation brought about by constant shaving will lead to rashes and ingrown hair which can be painful and irritating. The folks at https://www.beardgrowthworld.com/ cited that maintaining facial hair can ultimately lead to more moist skin. There’s plenty of skincare you can use that are specifically made for beards which details some of the available resources for keeping the skin and the facial hair at its best condition. When you let your beard grow, you save yourself from the pain brought about by sharp razor and irritating alcohol and other ingredients from aftershaves and shaving cream. You can choose other better alternatives that will better improve the quality of your skin.

To Block the Sun

The way facial hair protects the skin from the sun is similar to how the hair on top of the head protects the scalp which is why the complexion here is so much lighter than the rest of the body. Facial hair serves as a natural protection for the chin, mouth area, and even neck against the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is so much easier and convenient, especially since men are not so keen on keeping a skin routine, let alone applying SPF on their faces. Aside from that, the beard can also act as a natural filter that catches irritants in the air before it reaches the mouth or the nose.

Avoid Premature Aging

There are more benefits for the skin brought about by maintaining a beard. Due to the decrease in friction from constant shaving, it saves the skin from blemishes and other problems. They leave behind discolouration and wounds that may sit permanently on the skin. The protection from the sun also prevents premature ageing by reducing visible lines and wrinkles. It is a great way to preserve youth since it limits the contact of pollutants and other irritants directly to the skin. Beards may help you look mature, but it has a way of preserving a younger-looking skin underneath. Pores in the skin are also more protected from bacteria because they are closed rather than constantly being shaved. You can reduce the bacteria infection by letting hair cover the pores and preventing other foreign particles from landing and infecting the skin. Not to mention, it is already a great cover-up for existing wrinkles and other skin problems brought about by bad skin from the past.

Boosts Confidence

Men, compared to women, have fewer means of expressing and grooming themselves. Aside from hair and clothing, there isn’t much they can do to their face since most do not like applying makeup on their face. Growing a beard makes a lot of men feel more masculine, thus boosting their confidence more as they interact and mingle with other people. Since not all men can grow a full-on beard, it is something others take pride in especially if it grows a good thickness around the jawlines. A lot of people also perceive the growth of fuller facial hair as a sign of good health and maturity. This perception affects greatly people who like to grow their beards because these are the qualities they want to project. On top of all that, it makes men feel cool and carefree as they don’t have to maintain tedious grooming every day.

There are a lot of cool reasons why men like to grow their beards. This has been an important aspect of their personality because it helps them express themselves and project a more mature personality. Aside from self-expression, there are also positive benefits for their skin and overall health.

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