Summer has landed with a bang, so it’s time to make sure that you are ready for the hot weather. More sunshine means more skin on show, and warmer temperatures motivate us to do what we can to keep ourselves cool. Make sure you are on your A-game this year by following these male grooming tips for the summer season.

Tame your body hair

male waxing

We all sweat more during summer as higher temperatures motivate the body to cool itself down. Particularly in combination with high humidity where its hard for the sweat to evaporate, this sweating can leave us feeling uncomfortable – an issue that is exacerbated by excess body hair.

Body hair traps sweat, so men with a hairy chest or back may experience discomfort and heightened body odour in warmer months. It is best to trust a professional using high-quality hair removing wax strips to ensure safe full coverage and get the benefit of long-lasting results.

While you are attending to your body hair, you can also address your facial hair. Plucking your eyebrows, trimming nose and ear hair, and getting a fresh haircut and beard trim will leave you polished and confident for summer socialising.

Prepare your skin

Once you have taken care of excess body hair, it is time to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun. If you want a sun-kissed glow throughout the season, it is best to investigate gentle tanning ahead of time. This can be done with tanning beds, spray tan machines, or using a moisturiser with a gradual tanner.

Moisturising in general is very important during summer. The sunshine and hot temperatures can quickly dry out skin leaving it prone to cracking and peeling, so make sure to re-hydrate skin daily with appropriate creams and shower gels. It is also essential to use high-factor suncream when outside to protect your skin from UV rays, particularly on your face and any areas which are prone to burning.

Target problem areas

As more of our body is on show in the summer, this season can make us more conscious of things we perceive as ‘problem areas’. Simple salon procedures can make a big difference in boosting your confidence.

For example, for acne-prone skin you could indulge in specialised facial such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment. Classic facials with gentle exfoliation can be effective too, and in recent years using LED machines has risen in popularity.

A common concern men have in summer is their feet. Being encased in shoes and trainers throughout winter can cause a build-up of dead skin, scaley patches, and dry and damaged nails. Treating yourself to a pedicure is the perfect way to get yourself feeling fresh from head to toe.