Marks and Spencer – The Pressure Is On For Menswear

Marks and Spencer – The Pressure Is On For Menswear

I did not attend many LC:M events this June. However when I saw David Gandy at One4TheBoys event, I certainly adored what he wore. He was wearing Marks and Spencer. Now when the models stepped out into the SS15 collection at the Marks and Spencer catwalk, I was very impressed. In fact it was one of my favorite presentations,  the atmosphere was great.

So what is going on then regarding Marks and Spencer clothing sales? Why are they struggling? M & S relaunched its website in February after a £150m makeover that brought more video and magazine-style content to the site.

Who is Their Target Market?

For me it’s very unclear what their target market is and if I am honest their buying experience has along way to go for men. However Rome was not built over night.  However it seems it’s all on-line that has cost them dearly. MenStyleFashion is only on-line so if you get it wrong you will feel it. If you don’t get the logic right regarding the customer and their buying experience, it will cost you.

Alan Stewart, M & S finance director, said the website would be back on track before M & S’s peak shopping period of November-December. The conversion rate – visitors to the site who make a purchase – had been going up he said. “It is a bit like going to the supermarket for milk, they’ve moved it and you can’t find it immediately.”

For me when you’ve got the likes of David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire campaigning for your brand. They are two of Britain’s finest, it should be a walk in the park right? Get excited because when Gandy brings out his new range of underwear, well who know’s what will happen there?

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