Socks Should they Match Your Jocks

One of my powerful articles is about dull underwear for men and how I am bored with it all. I am glad to see that men’s underwear is now getting more exciting. After seeing David Gandy the famous underwear model flaunting his socks, it occurred to me I wonder if his socks matches his jocks? Does it really matter? Well from a women’s perspective it certainly would make it a tad more interesting. A nice ice-breaker if you get my drift.

Flaunting Your Underwear

Flaunting your underwear is it sexy? For me unless you are a boy, I think it’s cute and somewhat appropriate because the boy is trying to identify his peacock feathers. At this stage he is just experimenting and trying to see what gets him noticed. Lets face it the teenage hormones are out of control and  it’s a  natural  process of a boy growing into a man. For me there comes an age where we really don’t want to see underwear on public show. Otherwise where is the excitement in that. It’s dated and shows no imagination. We don’t mind seeing the six pack though.

Your Underwear Message

It’s a very personal message what your underwear says about you. The way it fits, the patterns or in most cases no floral on them at all. Saggy is not a great message at all and don’t get me started if your jocks have holes in them. For me the state of your underwear tells a lot about who you are. The hygiene aspect, the way you feel about yourself. More so how much respect you give when it comes to sex.  It’s very unattractive and displeasing to the naked eye.

Your Sock Message

Your socks on the other hand should be shown because it makes me think. Wonder if his socks matches his jocks? Why has he chosen to wear those socks. How is he feeling today? Nice to see he has made an effort, his attention to detail is good. More so it’s flattering to see nice clean, well looked after socks. We certainly hope those feet and toe nails are well looked after. Yes the way you take care of your feet says a lot about your personal hygiene. Also foot sex is a lot of fun. However there is nothing worse, when you are messing about with his toes and you end up leaving with scared feet. More so annoying,  his feet feel like sand paper.

Socks Should they Match Your Jocks?

For me it’s a BIG yes! You will be surprised where it will take you?

Epic images by Maria Scard

David Gandy - London Collections Men 2014 MenStyleFashion Maria Scard (1)

DGandyOfficial - London Collections Men June 2014 Photography by Maria Scard (11)