The Man. The Matador. The Meggings. If you’re looking for the very best in sportswear that’s designed with men’s specific needs in mind, then Matador Meggings needs to be on your radar today. Today the team catches up with Valentine Aseyo, the inspiration behind keeping your dude bits demure and your gym game on point, to find out more about this innovative breakthrough in men’s athleisure.

The Man

Who’s the man behind the Meggings? Valentine, a self-described, “first-time entrepreneur. Executive coach. Ex-Facebooker. 200-hour certified yoga teacher. Burner. Spanish & Turkish. And of course, meggings aficionado. “ And also a man who saw a gap- or rather, a bulge- in the market for comfortable, practical, and discreet men’s wear that you can wear anywhere, no problems, no VPL (more on that in a minute).

Matador Meggings

With a fascinating career that’s spanned roles at Facebook, Colgate-Palmolive, and IBM through to the SVP of Product at Bandsintown, the #1 concert-discovery app, there’s little wonder Valentine finds it easy to flit between his various roles as the one-man-band that keeps Matador Meggings running. And he still finds time to teach and enjoy yoga, too.

The Company

What does a Matador bring to mind for you? No doubt your mind skipped straight to the elegant ultraman bullfighters of Spain. Hyper-masculine, yet deep and emotional, they’re the ultimate athlete, bright and bold, unafraid of fashion, but demanding enough to need gear that fits their lifestyle and sport.

That’s the core spirit behind Matador Meggings, Comfortable, practical, and good-looking athleisure for the modern Matador.

Matador Meggings

The Problem with Men’s Leggings

What was wrong with good old sports leggings or men’s tights? A lot- just ask any woman forced to share a yoga class with That Guy who’s less ‘the whole package’ and more ‘all bulging package’. From fumbling with additional layers and uncomfortable athletic ‘belts’ to keep the family jewels comfortable and supported, to cramping your style and comfort in baggy layers just to stay presentable, there’s little to love about modern athletic gear for men. Workout clothes for men haven’t kept up with the times- until now, that is.

Our Solution

Until you meet Matador, that is. Here you will find absolutely no VPL (Visible Penis Line), and soft, supportive athletic gear that’s designed especially with discretion and support in mind. A soft, supportive crotch cup keeps everything under wraps without discomfort, while the rest of the design leverages the very best of modern compression technology to help you perform at your peak.

The Meggings

Nor does this comfort come at the expense of style. In fact, Valentine’s worked hard to build an extensive collection (and it truly is extensive, too) of bold and bright, stylish athletic apparel for men that ranges from the practical to the eye-catching. Why should women get to have all the fashion fun in the sports world? Whether it’s showcasing your quirky personality or finding something practical to bust out your morning laps, there’s bound to be something you love here.

Matador Meggings


Despite the stylish flair, the meggings are designed strategically for the needs of the modern men. We’ve looked at the VPL issue. Add a convenient range of zipped and unzipped pockets (for your other valuables), discreet drawstring closure (to ensure no accidental plumber’s cleavage escapes no matter how deep you squat) , non-slip waistband, and towel loop for the ultimate in design convenience. Top it off with the very best of compressive, sweat-wicking tech to ensure you never have to deal with crotch stank or sweat marks, and your workout is sure to feel as great as it looks.

Matador Meggings

Crotch Cup / No VPL

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the security and comfort of being able to perform at your best without bulky support aides, or the peace of mind of knowing you can stow or show your stuff as you choose, not through wardrobe failures, you’re sure to love the innovative crotch cup design.

Open Pocket & Zipper Pocket

Matador knows the family jewels aren’t the only precious goods you’re stowing. From a convenient zipper pocket for wallet or cash, to a sturdy and deep open pocket perfect for tech gadgets, Matador has you covered.

Matador Meggings

Inner Drawstring

There’s no point in designing a discrete front if the back’s going to hang out there, right? With this convenient, hidden drawstring, you can ensure the perfect fit no matter what you’re doing- no slip, no fuss, no embarrassing videos on the internet.

Matador Meggings

Athletic Performance

Athleisure may be the hottest new sportswear trend, but these aren’t just pants for show. They take your sport or workout as seriously as you do. Men’s compression pants have received a lot of attention lately, as more and more scientific evidence ties it to better support, boosted performance through warmer muscles and better blood flow, faster recovery, and increased flexibility- with no flapping layers of fabric to chafe and irritate.


Gone are the days of feeling sweaty in a ratty tee and whatever shorts survived your last wardrobe purge. Comfortable men’s running tights that never gets funky, no matter how much road you’re pounding.


It’s time to pump out the reps without worrying about who’s viewing what. Squat your deepest squat and clean and jerk to your heart’s content. These comfortable, form-fitting men’s workout tights have you covered, no matter how hard you push them.


No more lurking at the back of the class hoping no one notices you. It’s time to take to your mat in the very best blend of style, comfort, and support. With the design to ensure nothing stands out but your sweet moves, and the flexibility to move with you, your Matador Meggins will soon be your class favourite.

Matador Meggings


Not sure how to rock your men’s leggings your way? Still not sure you’ve finally found men’s compression tights you can wear anywhere, not just bashfully for a jog around the park? Try Valentine’s top style tips on for size, and embrace a whole new level of sports fashion.


Beat the weather and look great too. Layer your men’s athletic tights up with everything from your bare chest and confidence, to combat boots, coats, and a flashy pair of Oakleys. Layers not only give you the chance to pull a look together, but they’re convenient for all weathers, too.


Don’t forget the flair! What makes your style yours? Whether it’s flashing your hottest new pair of running shoes or showcasing your favourite band with on-trend goodies, your personal style is yours- own it! Be your own trendsetter, and discover the freedom of letting your inner Matador shine!