Whether you consider yourself a streetwear pioneer or a well-suited classicist, one thing’s for sure — you’ve got to stay on top of style trends. Just like any facet of culture, men’s fashion changes on the regular. What once was fashionable is on the outs, and what once was passé is all the rage. High-waters and baggy coats, anyone? It’s tough to keep up, but we’ve got you covered with the what’s-in-style roundup below.

1. Hyper-Tailored: Tight Suits and Dress Shirts

While the fabric and styling of men’s dress shirts and suits remain relatively classic, we’ve seen fit shift a whole lot in the past few years. Right now, it’s all about the ultra-slim fit, with shirts hugging the abs and pecs and pants that frame the thighs and ankle. 

blue suit pink shirt

Outerwear and loungewear are swinging wildly in the other direction — the baggier, the better — but you’re going to want to go super-tailored when shopping for wedding suits for men or workwear. Not big on the tight look? No stress. Just make sure to take your nicer pieces to your local tailor to get a custom-like look that fits your measurements. This trend is especially popular as grooms’ outfits and wedding guest outfit ideas.

2. On the Rise: Ankle-Length Pants

With the rise of custom tailoring, joggers and statement sneakers comes a rise in pant hems, and we’re loving it. Whether you achieve this by taking those right-sized pants to the tailor for an inch or two of hemming or go for a cool cuffed look, the result is the same. A little bit of exposed ankle can help showcase your collectable sneakers or give a retro edge to your favourite pair of dressy men’s shoes.

3. Getting Groovy: Bell Bottoms for Guys

Just because tapered leg ankle pants are in right now doesn’t mean that’s the only silhouette on the table. Thanks to trendy trailblazers like Harry Styles — the king of funky bell-bottomed suits, we think — flared pants are back in a big way for the guys. So go ahead and raid your grandpa’s closet or the thrift store before this trend breezes by.

flare bell bottom jeans

While this look is amplified by unique, retro prints that are a bit busy, you can also take full advantage of this trend with wide-leg jeans or solid colors. Bonus points if you pair your flared bottoms with a shirt with a wide collar, another popular ’70s-inspired trend of the moment. And, for the ultimate look, make sure to tuck it in!

4. Soft and Sexy: Velvet Staples and Accessories

If you’re the kind of dresser who wants to look and feel like an international secret agent, you’re going to want to capitalize on this trend. As GQ reported recently, velvet suits have been a big hit on red carpets lately, rocked by style authorities like Donald Glover and 007 himself, Daniel Craig. They’re also a popular choice for grooms. You don’t have to go head-to-toe velvet to vibe with this trend, either. Add in some simple velvet loafers or even a velvet bucket hat to get the full effect.

velvet suit

5. Large and in Charge: Oversized Outerwear

While dressy looks and workwear now skew more fitted, the opposite is true for outerwear. This year, it’s all about layering too-big coats with well-fitting pants and shirts. No matter if you go for an oversized puffer coat or a ’90s-inspired trench that’s a size or two too big, you’ll love sporting this look when the plan is to spend some time outside.

6. Easy Breezy: Relaxed Linen Shirts

You don’t have to have a tropical vacation planned to rock this beachy vibe. It’s all about picking breathable, gauzy cotton and linen button-ups and wearing them with a bit of exposed chest. If you’re more into the bohemian beach bum look — think: Tulum or Bali vibes — pair neutral-coloured linens for an earthy flair. More of a sharp-dressed trend-setter? Style them with some joggers or ultra slim-fit dress pants for a cool look.

linen shirt men

7. Show Some Leg: Shorter Shorts and Trunks

Gone are the days of knee-length board shorts and chinos. These days, the fashionable guys are rocking higher hemlines at the beach and beyond. When shopping for trunks and shorts, try going for a shorter inseam length — five or six inches is a good place to start for average height guys. If you’re on the taller end, you can get away with a longer inseam and still achieve that super trendy short-shorts look.

8. Vest Is Best: Sleeveless Tops and Sweater Vests

Esquire recently published an article declaring “the sweater vest is back, baby” and we are not upset about it. Although we’re all familiar with the preppy knitted options from ’80s prep school style, the modern-day iteration on this classic is a bit more baggy and edgy.

These days, you’ll see sweater vests in bright colours, funky patterns and throwback prints. But rather than styling them in the professor-chic way that used to be the status quo, it’s now hip to layer them over baggy tees and crewnecks and style them with jeans.

The best part about this year’s top men’s fashion trends is that many of them involve fit rather than fabric, colour or print. That means you can repurpose much of what you already own and give it a quick and affordable update with the help of your local tailor. Plus, when you rock what fits, you’ll feel super-confident no matter what you’re wearing.