Men Shirts 2019 – Trends That Are Strong In The Game

Men Shirts 2019 – Trends That Are Strong In The Game

The good thing about fashion is: it keeps on changing. You don’t have to see baggy pants all the time or encounter Hawaiian shirts at every corner of the street. Regardless of what your preferred style is, there will come a time when that style will be considered trendy in the fashion industry. The unpredictability of fashion is one of the reasons why more and more people are encouraged to try out different styles until they find one that perfectly fits their personality.

On the other side of the coin, the bad thing about fashion is: you have to stay updated with the latest fashion trends to secure your ‘best dressed’ title. Since fashion trends change regularly, you need to be updated on what people are wearing to ensure that you don’t look like an outcast when you walk down the streets. Don’t worry—we can help you out.

2019 is here, and so are the latest trends in men’s shirts. It is time to add some trendy pieces in your closet from shirt collection to stay chic. Shirts are considered one of the most basic items in every man’s wardrobe, which means that you can easily find this piece wherever you are. Shirts also come in different price points, allowing you to look good without having to break the bank during the process.

A shirt is an essential element in the dressing of men. Your choice of a shirt can mark your personality as ‘the best’ or ‘the worst’—there is no in-between. Yes, a shirt is that potent element of your dressing!

Here is the list of latest men’s shirts trend to let you grab only the positive magical powers in 2019.

Plain Shirts

Plain shirts never go out of fashion, and all for good reasons. You won’t have any problems finding a white shirt online or even from the top Christian clothing stores operating in different parts of the world. A plain white shirt, paired with black pants never fails to garner some praising looks. And this enchanting spell works on plain shirts of other colors as well.

And the best thing about plain shirts is that they look good with anything and on anyone. Aside from pairing them with your favorite jeans, you can also wear your plain shirts with your trousers and even as an undershirt for your suit or coat. So plain shirts are not going anywhere in 2019’s men’s shirt trends. If you were thinking to pack up your plain shirts, then let it be just part of your thoughts. You will need them!

When choosing plain shirts, make sure to consider your skin tone. Certain colors complement certain skin tones, so make sure you’re buying pieces that look good on your skin. If you’re light-skinned, look for shirts in white, baby blue, pink and gray. Plain shirts in olive green, sky blue, and dark gray, on the other hand, will look good if you’re dark-skinned.

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Striped Shirts

There goes a saying: striped shirts are for strong men. Well, we don’t know how much you believe in this saying, but the 2019 men’s fashion trend believes every man is strong, because striped shirts are in fashion and they are for everyone.

The color, width, and placement of strips can be anywhere, but who cares? You can pull off any style as per the occasion or mood. You can wear your striped shirt with a striped or plain coat, or with a pair of cotton shorts. If you’re looking for something more stylish, pair your striped shirt with a plain-colored vest, or a loose pair of jeans.


Checked Shirts

Checked shirts always give off a classy look for some unprecedented reasons, and 2019’s fashion trend knows it. You can pair your checked shirt with denim or a dress pant, depending on the occasion, and you will rock the event. You can also wear your checked shirts with a plain-colored short—perfect when you’re planning to have a laidback trip on the beach!

If you are planning to wear a check shirt for your evening get-together with friends, then go ahead. Your checked shirt look will be a checkmate for others.

Checked Shirts


If you thought that only Hawaiian shirts could be patterned, then you are wrong. Not all patterned shirts are Hawaiian shirts. You can wear patterned shirts without getting loud and punky. There are various options of patterns in a shirt to serve the taste of everyone.

From mini flowers, geometrical shapes to a twig, you can wear shirts of any pattern. And it will work. In 2019, patterns are all over on men’s shirts, because they are ‘in’ fashion.

If you are thinking to go on a shopping spree, then you don’t have to move from one shop to another without knowing what you want. Just go ahead with the above-given suggestions, and nobody will be able to stop you from bagging the title of ‘best dressed’ man this year.

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