3 Tips to Snap Photos for Social Media That Stand Out

3 Tips to Snap Photos for Social Media That Stand Out

Social media users nowadays tend to skim through their feeds, until something jumps out and grabs their attention. Needless to say you probably want the photos that you publish on social media to stand out enough that they do that – but do you know how to pull that off?

Snapping photos that stand out is more of an art than a science, and it can be tricky. That being said there are a few simple tips that you can use to get started.

Capture more balanced photos using the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is an easy way to capture photos that are more balanced – and have better aesthetics. It requires you to position the subject and other important elements using the lines of a 3×3 grid as a guide.

On most cameras, you can turn on the grid feature to make it easier to apply the rule of thirds. As you apply the rule of thirds you should start to see how it makes your photos look more appealing and draws more attention to it.

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Make sure there is a (strong) focal point

If you want social media users to focus on your photos, you need to give them something to focus on. That is where a strong focal point can make a world of difference.

Essentially a strong focal point will command attention and draw viewers to the photo itself. When you snap any photo for social media you should look for a strong focal point that sets itself apart from the rest of the composition and contrasts against it.

Other elements such as leading lines, frames, focus and position can help to enhance the focal point – and strengthen it further.

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Try to find as unique a perspective as possible

One of the main problems with many photos on social media is they look just like countless other photos that people have seen before. As you can imagine it will be difficult for your photos to stand out if they look just like any other photo out there.

That is why you should make it a point to capture your photos from a unique perspective. Try to avoid frontal shots at eye-level as they are the most common, and instead vary the height and angle at which you snap your photos till you find one that works.

Before you publish photos on social media you should edit them in Movavi Photo Editor too. It will make it easy for you to enhance the quality of your photos, crop and improve their composition, remove unwanted elements, and more. In fact you can even use it as a red eye remover and to fix any other issues in your photos.

Make no mistake it will take practice for you to apply the tips listed above. The more experience you get trying to find strong focal points, unique perspectives, and balanced photos – the better and more impressive your social media photos will start to look.

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