Launching a phenomenal idea in technology, fashion, science, and so on while in college could be a lot to handle.  Students in universities struggle with the breakout of an idea for years due to several reasons. One of which lack of motivation or an insightful push is top on that list.

As young men on campus, we have groundbreaking ideas pop through our minds by the minute. Interestingly, with an internship, a part-time job (or even a full-time job with the monteith group) it’s hard taking and taking a bold step, many successful, famous men started as students.

Bill Gates & Paul Allen (Microsoft)

The Microsoft Enterprise’s story has always been a key motivation for male undergraduates looking to launch an idea from college. These high school buddies got busted for messing around with bugs on the school’s computer system. Little did the management know that the computer terminal scolding would result in Microsoft. Today, Microsoft is a global $44.3 billion corporation with approximately 163,000 employees who actualize their vision.

The history of Microsoft, as next stories in this article, will surely impress any ambitious student who dreams of their own business. It is never superfluous to study the history and beginnings of such famous corporations whose products are used all over the world. Since any big business has gone from laborious research and studying a large amount of information to phenomenal success. Therefore, every student who dreams of such success can start by studying free essays about the history of the Microsoft creation, or other, while there are many resources on the Internet for this, like a GradesFixer. This is an important element for understanding the basics of entrepreneurship and generation effective ideas. Perhaps one day the public will see the next Bill Gates in the person of a young student.

Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google)

Speaking of motivational careers that started from the college’s four walls, the globally recognized leading search engine, Google, tops that list. While the founders weren’t undergraduate men like you, their Ph.D. aspirations brought them together in college.

Even when people hardly speak of Google’s challenging times, the fascinating data mining and search engine shows so much relevance. If Larry and Sergey could create Google while studying for the PhDs, what’s stopping you?

Bo Peabody ( is one proof an outstanding idea could start and develop itself from campus. Bo Peabody and Tripod’s co-creator Brett Hershey designed the initial prototype for undergraduates only. Even as university students, their website development skills showed their potential to become creators of a product like Tripod.

As a website created for website hosting for undergraduates, Tripod suddenly gained the attention of users across the globe. This boost immediately creates an opportunity for several potential investors to help improve the website.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

It’s no doubt that Facebook records the highest social interaction platform yearly. From Mark Zuckerberg’s years on campus, he launched a sophomore “dating” website to connect scholars. Little did he know that his idea from 2004 had the potential to host over 1.38 billion users in the future. Of course, his time at Harvard University contributed greatly to the success of Facebook today. Like you, Zuckerberg spotted a problem from college and created a solution to fix it.

David Filo & Jerry Yang (Yahoo)

When we speak of successful men with world-changing ideas from school, we speak of David and Jerry. Long before the global acceptance of Google, the two Stanford scholars created Yahoo that helped solve mailing restrictions.

In 1995, David and Jerry extended the directory of their favorite websites to the public, making Yahoo public. After the launch of Google three years later, Yahoo struggled with being prominent in its space. Nonetheless, it still ranks as one of the largest online platforms.

Henry Luce & Briton Hadden (Time Magazine)

At the time where writers on campus struggled with getting valid research on news content, this duo got the idea of Time Magazine. From their time in Yale sometime in 1923, Henry and Britton launched “Time,” making it America’s first weekly news magazine. You’d expect that a magazine that old would not be relevant as much today. However, Time Magazine still serves its research across the globe with prominent news content daily.

Matt Mullenweng (WordPress)

The goal of every student is to be on the path of their career immediately after tertiary education. Meanwhile, Matt Mullenweg, as a Houston University undergraduate, helped provide the great WordPress platform numerous companies use today.

Matt worked alongside Michel Valdrigh and Mike Little in the creation of WordPress. As scholars from university, these undergrads explored every data and information available in creating a competent content management system. Today, WordPress successfully houses over 131,000 web pages.


The above names took bold steps in ensuring their innovative ideas from the university helped solve problems. To become one of the very few successful founders and creators who started from school, you need to stay focused. Surrounding yourself with the right set of friends, paper publications, motivation, and knowledge pays in making your vision a reality.