The ability to work from anywhere (digital nomadism) is one of the biggest trends in modern business. A short while ago, what started as an experiment soon became a popular career path cum lifestyle that offers physical and financial freedom. As a result, there are digital nomads worldwide, and more companies are currently looking to exploit the potential that this particular tribe of nomads offers.

But there is more to being able to work on a business report while your toes are deep in the sands of your favourite beach or whatever location tickles your fancy. First, you need some training, some sort of education that prepares you for the career path of being a digital nomad. This is why we will be looking at the sort of education you need to work from anywhere. By education, we mean degrees/certifications that better position you to explore the thrills and fulfilment of working from anywhere. But before we get into all that, here is something you shouldn’t forget. With Studybay, Course Hero, or Chegg, questions like ”who will do my assignment for me?” no longer come up because they have all the help you need online.

Website Design and Development

A degree in website design and development will furnish you with the skill of creating and updating web pages. An education in web design and development is an exhaustive program comprised of training in online marketing, mobile web design, online security, and a horde of assignments. If you are any good at website design/development, you could easily become a millionaire in little or no time. The trick is to get some help with any assignments you have.

One good thing about web design and development is that you could start your own company as a web designer and developer if working for others is not your thing. But the best part of being a web designer/developer is that the digital age we live in and the technological advancements that we now enjoy make fully optimized websites imperative for just about anyone.

So you’d never run out of work as a web designer/developer because there will always be someone looking to build or redesign their website.

Information Technology

Another great career path that has been created by technological advancement in information technology (IT). With an IT certification, the tech industry becomes your oyster because the field of IT is a vast one with multiple opportunities to explore. As an IT expert, you get to choose from various jobs that include data management, database development, and IT project management, among others.

Education Everywhere

However, owing to the nature of IT, you might need to gather enough experience before you venture out on your own. So consider becoming salaried personnel before becoming an independent consultant. The good news is that even when working for someone, you still get the chance to work from any location of your choice!  

But before you complete a program in IT, there will be loads of assignments for you to do. Thankfully, there are equally lots of help that you can get online. All you need is to run a Google search with the clause “do your assignment ” and you’d get loads of help with your assignments.

Business Management

An education in business management provides you with the skills to make any business concern become a money-spinner for you. With such training, you get to start an offline business at any location of your choice. You also get to create an online business that rarely needs a physical location.

Then there is the option of being a business developer or business consultant to local and international firms if you don’t want a remote administrative or project management role. Again, with an education in business management, you have many business-related jobs that you could pick up.

With that in mind, we recommend that you source for help online. There will be an overwhelming number of grade-boosting assignments. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those, so simply type “do my assignment” into the search bar of your preferred search engine. You’d be sure to get great resources to help you. 

Writing Related Courses

One of the most popular digital nomads is the writer. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a degree in a language lends you the proficiency or skill sets to become a professional content writer. On the flip side, you also don’t need a degree to become a professional writer. However, taking writing-related courses will equip you with the skills needed to create quality contents that give you a long queue of local and international clients.

Some of these courses include Copywriting, Creative Writing, English, and Journalism. Once you have gotten the hang of writing, there are a lot of writing opportunities to explore. Some of these writing jobs might be the on-site kind, but most writing assignments can be handled independently from just about any location of your choice.

Freelance writers aren’t the only ones who can profit from remote work. Journalists also get to enjoy the same benefits as they can also develop pieces from any location as freelancers or as remote employees. 


Foreign language translators also make quite a killing from reading, writing, and speaking multiple languages. Therefore, it would be best to have a certification/degree in a language different from your mother tongue to explore this career path. Some of the more popular languages to study include Mandarin, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish. A significant number of the world’s population speak these languages, and you could get an offline or online job with a government or private firm if you are pretty good at the language.

The trick with being a translator is that the more languages you have mastery over, the better your chances of charging higher rates and dictating the terms of your employment. Some other job openings you have access to as a master of multiple languages include 

  • online tutoring
  • interpreter
  • private instructor
  • voiceover artist.


A finance-based education in accounting provides you with the skills you need to start as a remote bookkeeper or financial clerk, a public accountant, or a financial advisor. With any of these job positions, you can easily become a remote employee or have the hybrid option of telecommuting a few days a week.

Education Everywhere

You could even become a forensic analyst or a financial accountant with more specialized training. Then, of course, you could become an independent consultant with the ability to work from any location of your choice.

Hospitality and Tourism

Most of this discourse has been about working from multiple locations, which often involves some travelling, a good place to stay(hospitality), and some tourism. However, with an education in this field, you get some flexibility that allows you to visit many places in the name of work. 

With the training you get from your education in Hospitality and Tourism, you should understand how taxation works, how to market properties and the best way to offer the best customer service. You have the skill set to start up a rental property business with such knowledge. Then, as your portfolio grows, you stand the chance of hiring employees to handle the business, and you get to run it from any location.

Based on your training in hospitality and tourism training, you could also become a 

  • travel blogger
  • travel agent, 
  • tour consultant
  • travel consultant


With a certification in marketing, you get trained on know how to get prospective buyers to become more aware of any products or services that you want them to know about. Then, as a marketer, you can work as a freelance consultant to businesses that need that kind of service.

Then with some training, you can become a social media marketer that helps people promote their businesses via social media platforms. Social media marketers have changed the way people market products and services these days, and they are in so much demand that you are guaranteed to get constant high-paying gigs if you are great at it. 

If you can add some SEO knowledge to your marketing training, you can become an SEO expert who can generate loads of organic traffic that someone will be interested in paying you good money for.

The best part is that you can be a rockstar social media marketer while working from any location of your choice. 


The concept of making good money without being restricted to the confines of a physical space is getting traction. The article describes some forms of education that you could get to work from anywhere. We hope that you have decided on the kind of education that best suits your goal by now.

We also hope you are prepared for the horde of assignments you need to cover to complete your training. One way around it is to run an internet search with the words “do assignment.” You’d find enough help to save you such thoughts as “how do I do my assignment.”