Proper grooming is essential to looking and feeling good on the momentous occasion of getting married. Brides seem to know everything there is about preparing and primping for this important day. But, in all the flurry of activities necessary to having the wedding day go smoothly, grooms often overlook their own styling and primping needs.

Wedding memories and photos last a lifetime so both the bride and groom must look splendid in their wedding attire and appearance. Here are 9 easy grooming tips for husbands-to-be to ensure they are properly prepared for being the center of attention on their nuptial day.

Make the Best Impression with Classic Haircut Style

Trendy hairstyles may inspire fashionable creativity, but wedding pictures last forever. Decades after the ceremony, the latest hair trends may not be in style. While there are many options to try, we suggest keeping hair classically styled with a neat part. Professional barbers and stylists offer expert advice on what style best suits the groom’s hair texture and face shape. A haircut one week before the wedding keeps hair looking fresh. It allows the hair to settle and remain neat for the exciting day. Schedule the haircut and style appointment well in advance to ensure that the stylist will be available.

Use a Straight Edge Razor for a Clean Shave

For the cleanest shave, a straight edge razor is the best. Straight edge razors provide a very close shave; however, it is important not to schedule on the day of the wedding. Every man’s facial hair is different. Shaving the morning of the marriage ceremony may possibly cause irritation or rash. Shaving the evening before could leave a shadow during the ceremony or reception.

For expert advice on when it is best to lay on the lather, consult with a professional barber. In fact, why let the bride and bridesmaids have all the fun? The groom, best man and groomsmen might want to get together for a relaxing, luxury shave with hot, steamy towels and personal attention at a local barber shop.

Men with beards need to treat their faces differently than those that stay clean-shaven. Beards should be combed and then trimmed to keep them looking in tip-top shape.

For those men that prefer to shave themselves, using a straight edge razor is not as complicated as it looks. All that’s needed for supplies is shaving soap, a mug, straight razor and clean towels. To shave with a straight edge, use the following steps:

  • Wash face with hot water and apply lather.
  • Hold razor’s blade arm with 2 fingers to control blade movement and use other fingers to hold handle in balance.
  • Begin shaving by placing blade on skin at a 20 degree angle.
  • Shave beard in direction of hair growth.
  • Using short strokes while working from top to bottom, clear small sections of beard completely before moving to another area of face.
  • In between strokes, wipe razor blade with wet towel to remove hair and soap from blade.
  • Shave entire face, and then re-later to shave face again but against the direction of hair growth.
  • Save moustache area for last, and pull nose upward and to the side to hold skin taut while passing the blade of the left and right sides.
  • For nicks or small cuts, use a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding.

Many men enjoy the morning ritual of shaving because, on top of a polished look, it is perhaps one of the most masculine ways a man can indulge; grooming sets make for great groomsmen gifts, and you can even have the shaving kits personalized at Groomstand.

Keep Acne and Blemishes at Bay

There is no way to 100% guarantee a face free of facial blemishes or acne but, as the expression goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Eating right and keeping skin clean will make a difference in whether unsightly blemishes and redness pop up before the big event. Acne often develops from nerves and stress, and weddings certainly bring out both in grooms and brides alike.

Several months before the wedding, grooms should eat antioxidant-rich foods daily such as salmon, berries, flax, salads and walnuts. These foods help soothe and prevent inflammation that often leads to breakouts. Drinking plenty of water also cleanses the system and clears the skin.

About two weeks before the wedding, schedule an appointment for a facial or do your own to get a smooth face. This treatment will leave skin refreshed, nourished and looking its best for the upcoming nuptials.

Take Control of Wild Eyebrows and Nose Hairs

Nose hair and eyebrows often become wild and wooly, particularly as men grow older. Trimming stray hairs and tweezing ones that don’t belong creates a clean, well-groomed appearance. Showering before tweezing allows the pores to open for easy hair removal. Speaking of stray hairs, some grooms also choose to take off a little extra hair from other areas of the body as well. Body hair removal through waxing or depilatories leaves body skin smooth and might add a little extra something to the wedding night!

Show off a Smile with Sparkling White Teeth

Wedding photographers take plenty of pictures throughout the wedding day. They capture pictures of the pre-ceremony preparations, the wedding ceremony, after the vows and reception. The bridegroom’s smile must be ready for this picture-taking extravaganza. The pearly whites need attention well in advance of the big day.

A few months before the wedding, begin using whitening toothpaste. Schedule a dentist appointment for a couple of weeks before the event to have a professional teeth cleaning and whitening. On the day of the wedding, make sure to brush teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash. Keep breath mints in jacket pocket for last minute freshening if needed.

Don’t Forget Hands

Many men may not consider that their hands are in the spotlight during the wedding. When the bridal couple exchanges rings, everyone’s eyes focus on the hands of both bride and groom. Photographers typically take ring pictures of the bride and groom holding hands so neat and clean fingernails are a must.

Manicurists offer easy and expert grooming of the hands and nails, but grooms may also take care of this task themselves. Weeks before the wedding, prepare the hands by regularly applying hand lotion (we’re fans of Jack Black various products, including their Hand Healer). Use a pumice several times a week to remove calluses. Soaking hands in warm, soapy water before using the pumice stone will help soften and prepare the hands. Shape nails with a file to smooth jagged edges. Finish with rich, nourishing oil-free hand cream.

Some of these steps take preparation beforehand, but with a little advanced planning and appointment scheduling, these 9 grooming tips ensure that the groom’s hair, face, teeth and nails are ready for the occasion.

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Male Grooming Tips For Grooms

Male Grooming Tips For Grooms