Christmas Clothing – Embrace The Tux Blazer From Topman

Christmas Clothing – Embrace The Tux Blazer From Topman

Christmas Clothing

Men are always leaving it to the last minute when it comes to outfits for the Christmas party. This year for the more casual affair it is the Blazer you need to wear. There are so many blazer choices out there for you this year, there is no excuse. So where better to head for some awesome blazer introductions for the festive season than Topman.

The Blazer is a clear winner for your Christmas party. The key is it’s all about embracing the outrageously sleek fabrics. Yes it’s about shimmer, black, burgundy, metallic, paisley and velvet. Just buy yourself a black shirt and your top half is ready. The key here is to make sure the colour is right for you. The tighter the shirt the better (however leave a little bit of room for all the food).

My Top Blazer Picks


Berry Shawl, velvet skinny Blazer

Topman tea velvet skinny blazer 2012

Tea velvet skinny blazer by Topman


topman burgundy paisley print blazer for men

Burgundy, Paisley print by Topman


topman black jacquered - xmas blazer for men 2012

Black Jacquered Blazer


Burgundy and black metallic jacquard and tux-blazer by Topman

Burgundy and black metallic jacquard and tux-blazer by Topman

The Patent Black Jacket

For you guys out there that want something more adventurous and want to get noticed try the Patent Black Jacket, it is wicked. It is a statement of glamour, fun and adventure. It is certainly different and not many men are going to be wearing this. If you wear this you will certainly get noticed. This jacket will be the perfect conversation starter at the office Christmas party or with friends or family. Wear this jacket if you want to attract a girl with a certain sense of style or if you want to wow your partner away. She will be running towards you sooner than you think.

TMD black patent jacket Topman

TMD black patent jacket perfect jacket for an entrance to your Christmas party

Be inspired by the Blazers and this Patent Black Jacket. There will be a lot more featured articles on what to wear in the festive month of December.

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