Bruno Mars – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Bruno Mars – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Bruno MarsStylish men of the year award

Bruno Mars, well his real name is Peter Hernandez is a man who knows how to dress. He defines male fashion as Mr SUPER COOL. Not to mention so amazing perfect teeth and smile.

Who is Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a 27 year old singer and very talented at that. He wrote and produced nearly all of his smash 2010 debut with the Smeezingtons, his  studio crew. His latest album soon to be released is called,  Unorthodox Jukebox, due out December 11th.  If we can explain one word to sum up his style, I would call it Unorthodox. I mean his black on blue denim outfits break all the fashion rules but it seems to work.  He embraces the idea that the denim on denim Canadian tuxedo is fashionably a trend to follow.

Bruno’s Style

  • Classic old fashion look – He loves flannel shirts, he represents that classic rock band tee. He wears skinny jeans and loves his vans shoes.
  • Fedora – The best accessories he wears at all times is the Bruno Mars fedora hat.  Boy does he work that hat.
  • Accessories – Bruno keeps it simple, likes his necklaces and loves his Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades. He never adds too much bling, he just balances the right amount every single time
  • Leather – Whether it’s black, red or green the man loves leather jackets. Mainly short and cropped and never too big.
  • Shimmer– No surprise he loves any colour jacket that shimmers at night especially gold.
Bruno Mars December 2012

Bruno Mars wearing a gold suit

How awsome does he look in gold

Bruno Mars - singer unorthodox jukebox male singer

He loves his Ray Ban

bruno mars green guitar

Looks cool in leather.

bruno mars - unorthodox jukebox male singer

Vintage look, vintage blues

bruno mars Unorthodox Jukebox 2012

Again this is my opinion, It’s your votes that count. But you must all agree the man can dress.

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