Joseph Gordon Levitt – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Joseph Gordon Levitt – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Joseph Gordon LevittStylish man of the year award

Who is Joseph Gordon Levitt?  He is known as one of the most interesting leading men in independent film. He has worked in at least 24 feature films. Joseph is commonly known for assisting roles in the 1999 movie ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and as the star Tom Hansen in ‘(500) Days of Summer’. He is also recognized for critically acclaimed roles in 2004’s ‘Mysterious Skin’ and 2006’s Brick’.  This year he was awesome in The Dark Knight Rises and it comes to no surprise he will be the new face for future Batman movies. Alongside his acting talents, he also has a reputation for being well dressed at all times. Why have I chosen him as a nominee for Men Style Fashion – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year?

Men Style Fashion – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

  1. Slim Figure – There is nothing macho about Joseph, in fact, his slim frame figure and what he chooses to wear is the perfect example of smart casual. His style is safe, clever and easy to wear. Quick fashion is what men want and Joseph role plays this to a tea. He always wears fitted jeans, comical t-shirts and likes his trainers.
  2. Layering – What’s inspiring about his fashion style is that he certainly ups it a notch when it comes to layering.  He always wears blazers, waistcoats, and cardigans over a shirt or t-shirt. Perfect to give you that illusion of looking bigger than you actually are. His jeans are always dark, again this makes your legs look bigger.
  3. Patterns –  He adds a few pattern layers within his shirts. He never looks sloppy. His clothes and style is one that the slim man needs to adopt. His clothing collection can be bought from Primark, H&M or Diesel so no excuse.
  4. Hairstyles – He sticks to short hair but always has longer, playful fringes. Occasionally adopting the RHINO HORN. It has a rockish characteristic nearly unconventional in look.

Joseph for me he is our modern James Dean keeping it simple, smart and funky. But this competition is not only about my opinion, please join the poll (after all nominees have been unveiled), send the tweets and share your thoughts if you think Joseph Gordon Levitt could be a potential winner for “Men Style Fashion – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year”.


Joseph Gordon Levitt Founded his own production company, hitRECord, inviting writers, musicians, filmmakers, animators, photographers and the like to get involved in an ‘open-collaborative’ process. Described as ”a professional production company that uses the internet to collaborate with artists from all over the world” the aim is to form a community “around the art they make together.” With more than 100,000 registered artists already taking part, Levi’s will throw their backing behind the scheme, distributing films, staging concerts and displaying artwork, providing a platform for new talent.  The video below tells you what’s it all about.



joseph gordon levitt - wearing a vest

His style can be followed by the slender, slim smaller guy

jospeh gordon levitt 2009

Simple everyday wear with his own added twist.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, with Claudia Schiffer

Patterned vest are one of  his wardrobe must haves.

Joseph Gordon Levitt - wearing sunglasses

Always embraced his own casual flare to his look and style

joseph gordon levitt - sitting at bottom of the stairs

Mr cool, calm and collective

joseph gordon levitt

Look great with layered semi – long hair

Around Park City - 2009 Sundance Film Festival Day 7

Adopts his own image depending on what project he is working on.

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