It is entirely useless to assume that only women have to follow the trend and look smart. Have you ever wondered that why do men take so little time to get ready earlier answer is their limited wardrobe, limited colours, varieties and their bygone thinking that they don’t require to go with the trend? But these days thoughts have changed, men become aware of the trend and even this glamorous fashion world offers a plethora of varieties for men.

Generally, it is considered that the winter season is comparatively more trendy for men than the summer season as in winter men is provided with a wide variety of men’s clothing. Although everyone still struggles to choose whether you protect yourself from cold or you focus on a style. All you need to do is to find the one which fulfils both fashions as well as comfort that keeps you warm as well. We know that cold season is on its way, presently, men have many choices when it comes to shopping for winters. They are dressing up more than ever, following fresh trends.

The men’s sweater is among the most favourite clothing option for this cold season, that provides warmth without compromising for comfort. Gone are the days when there were fewer varieties for men. There are more than thousands of varieties for men. Some of them are stated below:


These sweaters are generally made up of blended wool and are therefore very soft, warm, lightweight and slim fit. moreover, it looks attractive too. I am damn sure that it will be found in every men’s wardrobe and serves as a mainstay of men’s clothing. one can wear it over a formal shirt, the collar of the shirt should be rest on top of the sweater and can pair it with narrow shoes, jeans and a tie. Also, it can be worn under the blazer with jeans and narrow shoes.

Asos Design knitted co-ord ribbed boxy v-neck jumper

Round Neck Or Crew Neck

These sweaters have a round neckline but no collar. You can wear it with dark wash jeans if the sweater is of light colour and if the colour of the sweater is bright, you can pair it with light wash jeans and narrow shoes. It can also be worn with trouser pants, a casual t-shirt underneath the sweater and sneakers shoes, it looks more casual. But one should avoid pairing it with collar shirts as it doesn’t look good.

round neck sweater lambswool - woollovers

Shawl Collar Cardigan

It has a rolled collar, which is curved from the back of the neck and lapel that looks like the blazer. Great choice when going out for a vacation in frosty weather. It looks so classy and elegant. It suits more with formal shirts, tie and pants. Besides being classy, it is also very warm and comfortable. This type of cardigan can also, be paired with plain t-shirts with all its buttons open.

Shawl Collar Cardigan by Lamm Cashmere House

Shawl Collar Cardigan by Lamm Cashmere House

Shawl-Collar Pullover

This type of pullover goes well with jeans and a t-shirt, one can pair it with sneakers shoes .whether you want elegant, casual or something office-appropriate look, it’s an excellent choice. However, it is believed that these sweaters give an old look to the person but I believe that one should know how to style it so that it doesn’t look bad.

Fleece Shawl Collar Pullover Barque

Half-zip, Mock Neck

These sweaters are most loved among all sweaters, these are the cornerstone of ‘’s clothing material of winter. The sweater has half-zip and a high collar that goes all the way around wearer’s neck, a collar that is not folded down. It can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt, pairing it with leather boots. It can also be paired with an open blazer, jeans, and leather boots. It looks better with ankle-length pants and leather monk shoes for a more classy look.

Loom Black Half Zip Mock Neck-Jumper Thread

Where you can get a stylish sweater for winter?

You need to look for a high-quality sweater of natural fibre without any synthetic blends. It must be nicely fitted, should have all sort of finishing. There are websites like Myntra, Amazon, Limeroad, Snapdeal and so many that deals in men’s sweater. If you’re looking for something a bit more special, there are plenty of sweaters available from luxury brands like GUCCI. Just don’t forget to look at the review section and buy it from the genuine site.

Do you enjoy wearing sweaters? Probably your answer would be yes as sweaters are in trend for a long time but earlier it was not very popular among youth. These days sweaters are made in a way that it goes correctly with the trend. Presently sweaters are the staple of men’s clothing material for winter. Even unisex and Christmas theme sweaters are very popular among youth. It is generally thought that blazers are classier than sweaters, it is a wrong consideration, what matters is, how you style it. If you style it in a classy way, it would look awesome.