This season is the perfect time for reflection. The year has been more complicated than it used to – a very challenging to be exact. Express your appreciation to the people who had been with you through it all – start with your boss.

Without your boss, you will not have the courage to go to work or resume work at home. They provided reassurance and inspiration. Some bosses even give much-needed laughter while keeping you on your toes to finish the assignments. Others even guide you to map out your career. There are so many reasons to be thankful for your boss.

Demonstrate your utmost gratitude through Christmas gifts. No matter how big or small it is, they will surely treasure it. For sure, it will give them light and inspiration to keep every employee motivated.

But how will you know what your boss likes?

Don’t fret. We listed below a few tips to help you find the best gift.

3 Tips When Buying a Perfect Gift for a Boss

Typically, bosses are watch enthusiasts. Time is so precious for them. It is so crystal clear to their extravagant timepiece. Some bosses wear different wristwatches every day while others modify it to their liking.

Be Observant

Check what kind of wristwatch your boss has. Is it a hi-tech watch with computer-like features? Or is it a classic wristwatch?

Smartwatches are now in trend, but it is not a must-have. Watch trends come and go. That’s why men bosses always go with classic watches like an analogue watch. Classic watch trends stay put and never tires out. New styles do not replace them.

Match Personality

When you buy a watch for your boss, make sure he will wear it. How? Choose a timepiece that fits his personality. Some bosses prefer big and bulky wristwatches, while others like the smaller ones.

You wouldn’t want to make a mistake when buying a watch for your boss. Save your boss and yourself from guilt feelings.

Stay on Budget

Whatever happens, a watch is still a watch at the end of the day. The next month’s utility bill is far more significant. Buying an unreasonable price for a wristwatch is unnecessary.

If you’re aiming to get your boss a watch, think again. Always have a predetermined budget. There’s another way to show appreciation to a boss who loves to watch modding. Giving a modding tool or a replacement part is also an excellent alternative.

Don’t spend all your hard-earned money on an expensive timepiece. If you are on a tight budget, resort to wristwatch mod accessories instead. A boss who loves to watch modding will surely appreciate and use it.

Seiko watch modding

Watch Modding Tools

There are many watch modding tools in the market. Buy the best tools for your boss. Differentiate the high-quality from the average performing tools. Let us brief you about it.

Modding Tool Set

If your boss is up to cracking the back of a Seiko SKX, give him a complete toolset. Why? It has all you need for fulfilling the task. The best set includes the following:

  • Spring toolbars
  • Tweezers
  • Case Back Opener
  • Screwdriver
  • Loupe
  • Punch
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Link Remover
  • Watch Band Holder
  • Case Opener Knife
  • Watch Case Holder

Everything you need is one carry away. Think about it. Getting the best modding toolset is more affordable than buying the Seiko SKX007.

Crystal Press

A crystal press is one of the must-have of watch modders. Give your boss one to support his hobby. A crystal press made of cast metal is durable. Use it for sapphire watch crystals or watch case back. Also, it allows modders to see the watch case back pressed back on the watch case.

Look for a high-quality press. It will not mar or scratch your watch case or watch crystal.

Cleaning Tool

Watch modding is not only about replacing old parts with new designs. It also includes cleaning the inside. A boss who loves to watch modding knows that.

Air Puffer

Air puffer or air bulb is very handy for removing dust. It clears out blind holes or spots in the watch. This tool is suitable for clearing metal chips out of tight corners.


A Rodico is a tacky, silly putty-like substance. It removes debris and dust in and out of the watch. Also, it wipes off fingerprints on the watch glass.

Get your boss a new cleaning tool to remove residues. A newly modded watch looks brand new when cleaned nicely.

With these tools in mind, you now have an idea of what to give your superior. High-quality tools are a perfect gift for a boss who loves to watch modding.

Different Seiko Mod Parts

Aside from getting the modding tools for your supervisor, why don’t you give him the mod parts as well? He would love a new pair of bezel and bezel inserts. Luminous watch hands make watch modification more fun and exciting. For sure, your boss will use your gift.

Seiko mod parts are easy to do yourself. Here are some of the replaceable SKX parts.

SKX Straps and Bracelets

Swapping out a bracelet or strap is the quickest and easiest way to mod. Plus! There are many various options and designs to choose from. Get your boss a bracelet that fits his personality. It can be a:

  • NATO and Zulu Strap – a one-piece nylon straps with metal buckles and retainers.
  • Rubber and Silicone Strap – look for top-quality rubber and silicone straps produced to meet SKX-modding fancy.
  • SKX Bracelet Mods – most SKX watch wearers love the original jubilee bracelet. It mimics the style of a popular high-end dive watch.
  • Leather Straps – not preferred by many but adds a new depth to horology style.

Seiko SKX Bezel and Bezel Inserts

Bezels and bezel inserts are the most common mod parts. With the right tool, it is thrilling to do it. There are different types of bezels available in the market.

  • Coins edge
  • Submariner
  • Sub-style
  • Sloped bezel

Bezel inserts take watch modification to a new level. Various colours, materials, and styles give your timepiece a whole different personality.

  • Submariner
  • Planet Ocean
  • Black and blue “Batman” inserts (clocking dual time zones)
  • Blue and red “Pepsi style
  • 24-hour bezels
  • Lume bezel (LumiBrite)

These are just a few popular choices. There are even some inserts made of ceramic, sapphire, or metal. Buy one that looks good on your boss’s watch.

Seiko different bezel inserts

The possibilities of modding Seiko SKX is endless. With the right tool and part, your boss will surely enjoy the watch modification process. Get him the best mods suitable for his personality.

A watch is not just a mere accessory. For your boss, it gives a little extra edge over other men in the room. It catches people’s attention subtly, without making you a snob or a show-off.

Take this holiday season to give your boss something in return. Support his hobby as a watch modder. Wrap a watch modding tool kit or a submariner bezel and bezel insert. True enough. It will be a perfect gift for a boss who loves to watch modding. Without a doubt, he will feel how much you appreciate him as a boss.