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Bespoke Fitting – Tips On How To Get A Good Fit

Whether it’s a bespoke option or MTM ( made to measure ), here are a few tips on how to make sure you get a good fit for your blazer or that suit jacket. There are many brands offering MTM services and offering that perfect handcrafted fit, the secret to a good made-to-measure suit comes down to a few key adjustments. As an avid wearer of bespoke suits and jackets, here are some of my own personal tips when it comes to applying MTM options .

MTM Options

1. Buttons; one of the most important aspect for a blazer or a suit; don’t go with the ones offered, have them upgraded or ask for mother of pearl buttons for that posh look

2. The sleeves need to be narrowed. Usually the MTM services offer standard sleeves which can sometimes be too wide

3. Jacket sleeve length- the general rule for jackets sleeves is that the jacket should end above the large bone in your wrist to show half an inch of your shirt cuff.

4. Your suit jacket or blazer needs to be taken in to shape your torso and not have the boxy look.

5. Your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar. If the collar is too loose there will be a flopping gap on the back of your neck.

6. The shoulder of the jacket should follow the end of your shoulders.

7. Chest: Button your jacket, top button – if it pulls against your chest and an X appears the jacket is too small.

8. If a jacket doesn’t fit your shape properly, sometimes the bottoms will flare out, a product of the jacket being too slim in the waist, so your hips push out the fabric.

9. Lapels- Lapels should touch your collar and should have no space when you move.

10. Most Suit jackets are tailored too long; Get your jacket shortened

One of the most important aspects of being measured or measuring yourself for a perfect fit is being in your own natural stance, standing up straight but in a relaxed pose, usually wearing the dress shoes you would wear with the jacket or suit to get a proper fit.

Bespoke - Alexander Nash


Bespoke - Alexander Nash


Bespoke - Alexander Nash