Men’s Dinner Suits – Ditch the Traditional Tux

Men’s Dinner Suits – Ditch the Traditional Tux

Roberto Cavalli Evening Wear - 2012

Men’s Dinner Suits

Are you on the lookout for a dinner suit this month? Gentlemen, I think the time has come to ditch the traditional dinner suit or the classic tuxedo. That boring, black, repetitively worn evening suit is no longer needed. Thanks to Usher, Tinie Tempah and Tom Ford, we are seeing a new trend emerging from designers in regards dinner suits or tuxedo’s this 2013.

As for the colour of your suit; anything from white to burgundy or midnight  blue is a winning option. In my opinion midnight blue is the new black. You can also go for printed fabrics as a way to edge-up a standard or boring style of suit. The modern men’s suit, made of virgin wool, feels and looks amazing. The two-button suit jacket with a soft pant is an example of the latest twist in how to wear a dinner suit stylishly.

The styles and designs out there now are refreshing, and give an edge to what can be quite a dated outfit when not worn right.

Tinie Tempah in a white dinner suit

Tinie  Tempah shows us how he’s wearing his suit this year

Men’s Dinner Suits – Things to Look Out For

  • Shirts – Ditch the white and embrace many different colours depending on what colour your suit is.
  • Velvet – TheVelvet jacket is the new trend when it comes to evening suits. Don’t forget adding a vest can add just the right edge to your look.
  • Double Breasted – Embrace the double breasted and three piece suits.
  • Lapels – The more exaggerated and the more eccentric it is, this is what it’s all about. We aren’t talking about the lapel golden rules here any more.
  • Accessories – Accessorise with some nice bracelets, make sure your cufflinks state a more quirky and fun side of you. If you dare, add some  frames to that gorgeous face.
  • Shoes – Find some well-shined leather shoes, making sure that they are pointy. Stick to darker colours but wearing black isn’t in the trend cards for this year, experiment with your style!

Men’s Dinner Suits – Things to Avoid

The classic dinner suit or tuxedo has been the go-to outfit of choice for men but I think it’s time we shook things up a bit. Embrace patterns, textures and colours – don’t be afraid to stand out!

The key to buying an update dinner suit or tuxedo is all about having a playful attitude, having no fear and making sure that the suit or tuxedo represents your personality.

Men’s Dinner Suits & Bow Ties

It’s always impressive if a man can tie his own bow tie. Christopher Chaun shows the intimate nature of the relationship shared with each bow tie they create.

Men’s Dinner Suits – New Trends to Embrace

Celebrities wearing Tom Ford Dinner Suits

The traditional dinner suit attire is looking a lot more interesting

Traditional Dinner Suits

Move on gentleman, we’ve seen it too many times.

Canali with bow tie dark blue dinner suit

Canali, nice fabric print and states the new modern evening man.

David Gandy in Dolce & Gabbana Dinner suit

David Gandy, showing us how that a velvet vest and bow tie is the way forward

White dinner suit

Step out of the dinner suit image and create your own style. Notice the jean shirt.

Dressing The Man - Tom Ford

Tom Ford showing us that a unique fabric has given the dinner suit a re-vamp

Louis Vuitton - White dinner suit

Why not wear white,us it’s all about class and style

glamour goth evening wear for men

Evening wear for men is so edgy right now

Tom Ford dinner suits and goofy shades

Add your own goofy, geek shades

Tom Ford Big lapel

It’s all about imagination and taking risks, Tom Ford. Look at how big that lapel is.

Russell Simmons Wyclef-Jean and Usher at Salute to Icons - Dinner suits

Russell Simmons, Wyclef Jean and Usher, show how to wear a dinner suit in 2013

One Direction - wearing dinner suits

One direction certainly is taking the dinner suit trend to a whole new level.

Adrien Brody - metallic dinner suit

Adrien Brody embraces the metallic dinner suit

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