David Chiang – Award Winner 2012 Stylish Man of the Year

David Chiang – Award Winner 2012 Stylish Man of the Year

David Chiang – Award Winner 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Stylish man of the year award 2012

With an overwhelming 34% of our readers vote, David Chiang was voted “Men Style Fashion 2012 Stylish Man of the Year”. Congratulations David!!! Find out here why David Chiang made it to our list of 5 nominees. Feel free to contribute in the comment section on why you think he is the winner.

David Chiang

It is refreshing to see Asian male models on the catwalks of  Europe. It makes perfect economical sense, as Asian consumers are big spenders of high-end fashion couture. Why not target this growing market, with fashion worn by Asian models. A model that has undeniably caught all of our attention this year is David Chiang. He is our second nominee for “Men Style Fashion – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Award”. Of course, you say, he would be stylish! He is an up and coming model. But don’t be fooled because you need to understand style before you even hit the runway. What is his style?

David Chiang the Body

David has feminine features and has a slightly sinister look. His slightly androgynous beauty makes him a very versatile model. He is from Canada and his origin is Taiwanese. The 23 years old has an unbelievable height at  6,2½, despite his Asian genes. David, when it comes to fashion and style, illustrates a no casual affair. Flaunting, exaggerating and wearing clothes with confidence, is what he represents.

The Hair

How many of us would die for his beautiful jet-black hair? His hair has a very rock, very grungy and edgy flare to it. No matter what you think, his hair is what completes his look.

David Chiang - Asian male model - Long hair

His Style

David is adventurous, has no boundaries with what he puts together and in a nutshell he is damn right cool. He makes a white t-shirt come alive simply by adding layers to it.

  • Ties & Neck Ties – His Choice of ties are simply divine. He makes the modern tie just stand out by the way he chooses his colours. David wears the neck-tie and scarf effect so sleekly. At times he adds three at once and how cool does it look?
  • Black & Grey Colours – Whether it’s a cardigan or jeans, he favours neutral colours as a base to layer other fabrics around. It just works.
  • Vests & Jackets – David chooses anything, any style as long as it’s tight, fitted and looks good. He always adds a twist to each of his outfits.

Again take note of his style and get ready to cast your votes. This is all down to what you think? I am just one opinion. One thing is for sure though; David Chiang is an Asian model that will be slowly evolving on our European shores.

David Chiang male model burgundy tie

Loves vests, ties and jackets

David Chiang male model asia chanel

Fashion has no boundaries for David

David Chiang male model

Adds his own twist to all his outfits. Just look at how he ties his studded belt.

David Chiang male model asian

Makes casual look sleek at anytime

David Chiang male models asian - milan vogue

Brings a refreshing edge to European style and models for 2012

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