When Sexy Women Dress Us: Underwear Edition

Let’s face it, blokes. We can be pretty useless when it comes to finetuning our fashion game. Some of us go out in packs, stalking the town like a legion of clones, all similarly dressed in dark slacks rolled up above the ankles with no socks. Canvas shoes stolen from Gilligan’s Island. Beard growing in full force. And a sports jacket and tee shirt combo bold enough to make Nick Wooster proud. Yeah, it’s a cool look. No knocking hipsters, dandies or skate punks here.

But sometimes what we’re missing is essentially the very same thing we’re after: a woman’s touch. Don’t deny that your night out on the town knocking back a few pints with the boys is only about your male bonding. If you’re single and seeking, you’re probably intent on finding a lovely lass at the bar. Chances are if you ventured out in the aforementioned pack of wolves, every bit indistinguishable from the Alpha, the runt or the middle men; she won’t notice you either.

What do women think we should be wearing?

What do women think we should be wearing? Well if we take a page out of Dannii Minogue’s spangly playbook it would be a fitted undie with the New York skyline running horizontally across our assets. To be more precise, Ms. Minogue has fallen in love with Stonemen, the luxury brand of men’s underwear, who has crafted a line of cheeky undies for us blokes. So strong is Ms. Minogue’s love for the brand the she’s decided to stock a trifecta of cool comfort on her online shop.

What results is a trifecta of cool comfort. What’s on hand: the Mens Brief New York Black, the Mens Trunk New York Black and the Mens Boxer New York Black. Each one suited for the kind of fella you are, boxers, briefs or trunks. And that famous New York skyline whips across the cotton undie in 360 degree panoramic detail.

Why should we be wearing it? Because 1) Going Commando is never cool 2) Those tighty whities from the local discount store look ragged 3) If you make it to 3rd base and everything else comes off you don’t want to look like you neglect your junk with a bad pair of Superman boxers (talk about kryptonite killing an evening) 4) Mom always said to have a clean pair in case of an emergency.

We personally like Ms. Minogue’s own selling point: “Undies used to be boring gifts you received for Christmas along with long woolly socks – but not anymore.” These are what the lady suggest a man wear or what a woman should buy a man, “If you want to see a smile on his dial.” Game on, Ms. Minogue. Game on.

Stonemen-Dannii-Minogue-Mens-Boxer-New-York-Black Stonemen-Dannii-Minogue-Mens-Brief-New-York-Black Stonemen-Dannii-Minogue-Mens-Trunk-New-York-Black