Underwear Choices – Which Label And Style

Underwear Choices – Which Label And Style

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Underwear Choices – Which Label And Style

For any man who has ‘chosen’ to buy underwear for their girlfriend, we know only too well what a minefield it can be. What bra size do you get, what colour, what style – French knickers or thong? It is a battlefield we have to tread with constant trepidation. But maybe, just maybe your partner faces the same problem.

The underwear market has always been dominated by our female counterparts but as the metrosexual male becomes a more prominent figure in society and we men in general are prone to care more about our appearance in general, so the rules are slowly changing when it comes to what we should be wearing under our jeans or suit trousers.

No longer can we (or should we) throw on the ill-fitting boxers our mother gave us for Christmas. What we wear to keep us under wraps, for want of a better phrase, has become a significant part of our wardrobe wears.

So, do you go for the skimpy briefs, a la David Beckham; the old school, relaxed fitting cotton boxer – think Nick Kamen in that classic Levi’s advert – or the classic, figure hugging trunks which have become the staple of men the world over?

Thankfully, online retailers UnderU are a one stop shop for all your underwear needs. Whatever the style and whether you are purchasing for yourself or giving your partner a little nudge in the right direction, this site will at least solve half of the headaches when it comes to deciding what underwear is best for the boardroom or the bedroom.

We are all our own men and we all know what style suits us best so let’s instead take a look at just three of the top brands.

Bjorn Borg

The ice man may have quit the tennis arena while at the height of his abilities but tennis’ loss has been underwear’s gain. From briefs to trunks, socks to long johns (all in a myriad of vibrant colours), the Bjorn Borg label has become one of the major players in underwear in recent years offering a diverse and varied range of high quality products.


Calvin Klein

In a word association game, if you were to utter the letters C.K, the chances are the reply would be underwear or boxer shorts. The Calvin Klein brief has become synonymous with modern menswear and if you do not already own a pair, now is the time to correct your mistake.

Calvin-Klein underwear

Dolce & Gabbana

The Italians have never been shy in coming forward and parading around in their smalls would appear to be one of their favourite past times. Remember that D&G advert with the Italian football squad in their briefs? Or how about Beckham or Ronaldo posing for Emporio Armani?

We here at MenStyleFashion cannot guarantee you the physical attributes of the aforementioned football stars but we can guarantee you’ll find what they’re wearing on UnderU.


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