Men’s Wardrobe

Over the years one thing I have learnt, fashionable items can be worth collecting. However most of the time we need to ditch or give away items that don’t fit, t-shirts that have holes in them or items that have gone out of fashion.

Men Style Fashion is a platform for me to express, build and encourage men to think about what they are wearing before facing the public. First impressions do count for one reason only. Sloppy, dirty, oversize clothing and accessories belong in one place, THE BIN. Over the years when my gorgeous partner comes out wearing a t-shirt that has lost its shape or jeans that have been worn to death. I make it very clear, it’s time for a wardrobe cleanout.

You need to understand one thing. 2012 fashion for men is growing faster than ever before. The clothes available to you now are very affordable and us women want to see you in it.

What to ditch and bin?

  1. T-shirts –  Ask yourself how many time have I worn these in the last year? One’s that don’t fit or are out of shape and have holes bin them.
  2. Jeans – How long have you had them? How often do I wear them? Are they thin in certain areas? If they don’t fit being either to big or small ditch them.
  3. Shirts – Buttons missing, stains on them, too small time to let go. Unless they are timeless, time to let go.
  4. Socks – Holes in your socks, throw them away. What is the point of owning socks with holes in them?
  5. Shoes – If they look too big and well worn, muddy and dated. Bin them
  6. Underwear – Nasty, oversize, holes and well worn pants need to go. If you want more sex update them and make sure they fit properly.
  7. Belts – If they don’t fit and still in good condition give them to charity
  8. Jackets – Most of the time they are hardly worn and just look dated, you’re born with them or are far too big. Give them to someone who will bring them back to life.
  9. Sweaters, Hoodies – If your too old for them time to move on. Embrace cardigans.
  10. Accessories – Ties, cuffs, scarves, hat’s, nice to update them.
messy wardrobe for men 2012

Give and experience the joy

Charity shops more than ever need your help. Whether it’s volunteering your time or simply giving what you don’t need or wear. Make the time and only give away what you will know will and be worn by someone else. If you have a friend who keeps harping on about that jacket you own. Release yourself from it and experience the joy of giving. Encourage a friend to look good if you know they are not sure how to style themselves and give something away. If you have lost weight, congratulations. Don’t hold on to your past or your big clothes.  Embrace the future and go shopping. You deserve it.

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Organise Your Wardrobes

If you don’t organise your clothes in sections and make them accessible to you. You simply won’t wear them. Organise your wardrobe accordingly to seasons. Dare I promote Ikea its wardrobe compartments are awesome and they will inspire you how to sort out your clothing and accessories. I have a wardrobe in my corridor with pull out compartments. It’s wicked because I can access some of my seasonal jackets, shoes and accessories in seconds. They are well worn and loved and it reminds me of what I need to wear, give or ditch.


The reward

You’ll look good, feel good and I will leave the rest up to your imagination.

messy wardrobe reward