Over the last three years if you look on-line about what men should wear it seems all very similar. Including us the top five trends for a season is one of our popular posts. But it occurred to me what on earth do men really wear to work these days. What is the 2015 business attire for men? What does a lawyer need to wear in order to be respected. What does a bankers wardrobe look like these days? Is a banker a man you can trust anyway? What does the sport star wear outside his work. What does the internet Geek need to wear in order for him to dominate the on-line world? Who are our style icons of today within the business world? I have to say I am struggling here and for men’s fashion unless you’re a male model. It leaves me more determined to sift out our style icons of tomorrow. More articles coming soon.

Who Were My Business Icons?

You can be the richest guy out there but money does not buy class and it certainly doesn’t buy you style. The reason I have chosen these three is that they dressed well but worked very hard in what they did. They were passionate in their gifts and gave back to us the public. But the attention to detail in what they wore and how they presented themselves gave us a clear standard and example of what to wear in certain business arenas. The clothes they wore put a clear message out there of what their business role and message was to you. These were business men with influence and business icons we adore to this day.


Walt Disney


Frank Sintra


Fred Astaire


Fred Astaire

Historical Business Attire

This has changed so much due to the internet world. In the past wearing suits for business meetings and work was the norm. But what about if your job means you can work form home. What do you wear then? Who cares what you wear, no one will see you anyway. I have seen such perfect examples of this. Hoodies at their best, sloppy jeans, not showered for days. The reality of business wear let alone casual wear goes out the window. This has had a huge confused impact on what is deemed acceptable within the business world of internet.

Steve Jobs – Business Attire Destroyed

For me this is a sad state of affairs it’s where the fashion internet business icons have destroyed it over the years. They simply think working from home most of the time gives them the right to dress likes slobs. Who better to set the worse dressed geek of the internet age than Steve Jobs himself. Steve Jobs dresses like a slob.

How could such an iconic business  man have so little respect for his image. We shall never know. It is not a trend that will get you your next big career break.


The Banker

The bankers reputation has been certainly tarnished over the last years and the word honesty and integrity is debatable amongst bankers. In fact there has been a time that being a banker was not popular in the world and somewhat still is. So what does a banker wear today, who are his role icons out there. Its seems black and dark blue still are a dominant force within the bankers world. The tie seems to be the focal point. Who could be the banker out there to revolutionise what is worn in the banking world. Would changing a bankers image effect the way his colleagues and clients perceive them.


The Laywer

Well all attention has been turned onto this professional lawyer due to George Clooney’s wife being a high profile lawyer. Now she certainly knows how to style and dress for success. She is one woman not to mess with both fitness and looks. What do we think of the men on the other hand. Are these style icons role models for a male lawyer to aspire to. Could lawyers dress more eccentric because lets face it, they have the most influential job when it comes to you. How they come across and what they say is the fine line between death row and freedom.


The Sports Star

Increasing more male sport style icons are showcasing their image outside their sport. Can it have powerful influence on men who are trying to copy a certain image, of course it can. They are fit, role models for their fans and take care of themselves. Who is the male sport icons for 2015, it is no other Cristiano Ronaldo.


The Man On The Street

Eddie Redmayne has been long time on my fashion radar list. When I started MenStyleFashion back in 2012, he was one of the first guys of now many I wrote about. I have enjoyed watching him grow as a style icon and also as an actor. Eddie for me is the typical guy who even on a red carpet event proves that it’s all about just being himself.