David Gandy - London Collection Men

MenStyleFashion – We Show You How

MenStyleFashion has a lot on store for you this coming month with a major redesign and content to match. MenStyleFashion – We Show You How. It has taken me months to see if my hard work is paying off? It takes a lot of hard work, sweat and fun to realize what I am doing. So thanks to Paul, he has managed to put all my interviews into what I am trying to do. Encourage men that dressing up is the way forward. Please appreciate that it was Gracie Opulanza who was holding the camera in all these interviews running after men asking about their style and fashion outlook.


Watch the teaser….


Stephen Michels- London Collections Men


David Gandy - Menstylefashion

Maria Scard - Photographer for London Collection


Dermot- O'leary


London Collections men - June 2013


David Gandy - Menstylefashion we show you how


Gracie Opulanza - Menstylefashion Co- Founder