Made By Dave Clothing Line for men

Michael Barrymore

If you want to be  rich and famous then you have to understand that everything comes at a price. If you want to known what it feels like to reach the top being one of the most influential TV personalities out there. If you want to know how media can be your best friend one day and your worse enemy the next. How do you handle life when in 24 hours, your life and career are over, forever. What do you do when the whole world hates you and doesn’t want to be associated with you anymore.

What do you do when your name was loved by all and now get’s in the way of your career. It’s simple you fight back through something that will save you. In this case Michael Barrymore started his menswear clothing label called Made By Dave.


Michael talks us through that creating his own clothing line is what has saved him from many suicide attempts and moments when all you are faced with abandonment and loneliness. For me if you want to be a celebrity then you better listen.  For me this is my most inspiring interviews I have conducted to date.