If you have a smartphone, it is most likely that it is the default entertainment device while you are on the move. 15 years ago, it was inconceivable that you could have every game and betting option on your mobile. But if you were used to playing casino games and sports betting on your computer, it is likely you are more comfortable with the wider screen and larger working space. There are many online sportsbooks where you can bet on sports, and accessible to both mobile and desktop. Which is the better platform? 

Sports Analysis

Sports betting requires comprehensive research and analysis. If you are betting in different games and leagues, you will need to access different sources including historical team performance, team news and developments, team news and expert analysis.  

You can open multiple browser tabs on a computer and switch from one to another with ease. The smaller screen of a smartphone will not give you this latitude in working space. There are a myriad of computer apps for sports analysis, more than smartphone apps. 

Lower and mid-level smartphones do not have the memory capacity to handle this multitasking. They will freeze. Using a desktop wins in this comparison. 


If you are an avid bettor, you need the freedom to make a quick bet as opportunities come up. For example, you are in a pub watching a game, and see a live bet option. You can easily do it on mobile. The mobile platform gives you the freedom to wager wherever and whenever you are. Desktops and tablets do not have this convenience. They are too heavy to lug around and operate in tight spaces. 

User Experience

Information presentation is very important in sports betting. The websites you source information are crammed with numbers and data. Many of these websites are not optimized for viewing on the small screen of a smartphone. You are limited in input commands when using a smartphone because you can only pinch, zoom, and scrolling. The user experience is not as friendly as on a desktop.

The bigger screen of a desktop affords you more comfortable viewing. Websites will render well on a desktop screen, and you can see all the data you want. On readability, the desktop has an advantage over mobile. 

Native App Installs

The computer has been around for longer than the smartphone. There are hundreds of apps you can install for sports analysis. The desktop gives you freedom of choice to use sports betting apps and the browser. Both will work flawlessly. You can also block unwanted advertisements better than on mobile. 

There are hundreds of sports analysis apps on Google Play Store. Most are free, but it comes with a catch. You have to deal with ads that make money for the app developer. iPhone’s Apple Store is not very accepting in gambling apps. Your choices are limited if you are on Apple.

Promotions and Bonuses 

Major sportsbooks are rushing to establish a presence on the mobile platform because a majority of their customers are on mobile. They need to ring-fence their existing customers and pull in new customers. Mobile web traffic has overtaken desktop traffic, so they have to follow their clients. 

Online sportsbooks are offering very lucrative bonuses. You will find welcome bonuses up to 200% of your initial deposits. There are cash back bonuses that give you back a part of your stake when you lose an accumulator bet. Reloading bonuses will match your top-ups. You will also get rewards for referring your friends to your sportsbook. 

The good news is that you can use both mobile and desktop with the same sportsbook account. If you are betting on the move, mobile works better. If you are betting at home, doing it on the desktop works better. You can take the best of both sides.