Motorbike Fashion – Are You Riding In Style?

Motorbike Fashion – Are You Riding In Style?

Chris Hemsworth - motorbike fashion

Motorbike Fashion

Motorbike fashion is a growing passion for me. Don’t ask me why or how it has come about, because I honestly have no idea but I’m embracing this new love with open arms. I’m a lover of all things vintage – whether it be an old YSL handbag, a hundred year old leather jacket found in Berlin or gorgeous, vintage motorbikes. These amazing machines have grown both in style and appearances and some still seem to keep the timeless grace of their predecessors. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me, that the man on a bike who has strayed from the path of good style sense, needs to be guided toward a better direction in terms of his clothing. Mission Impossible? I think not.

What’s your Motorcycle Fashion Like

The world of fashion and motorbikes is certainly going to jump up a level. Hollywood star, Channing Tatum is playing legendary stuntman Evil Knievel – in a film he’ll also be producing. Tatum is already showing us a peek of the trends we are expecting when it comes to style and motorbike attire in 2013.

Channing Tatum playing evil kenevil - movie

evel knieve 1974 kierkegaard

There is something very mysterious and sexy when it comes to men and their motorbikes. However, there will only ever be one Evel Knievel -1974.

Does Motorbike Couture Exist

casque ruby - betty amour helmets

Chanel and the Helmet

Well if there is a label that will certainly get helmet gear into a new era of motorbike fashion then Chanel is that label. Your motorbike is worth a lot of cash, but that worth can never compare to the worth of your life. So it makes sense to use luxurious fashion materials to encourage people to wear, and look good wearing, a helmet.

Pavillon Lagerfeld atelier ruby yatzer - helmets for motorbikes

The first model, made way back in 2010, is this helmet. It was covered in black and white tweed (€1,200). So hot were these babies, that they sold out within hours of launching. Why? Because the man on the bike, knows how to represent himself as being a stylish rider.

Pavillon Lagerfeld atelier ruby yatzer - motobike-fashion

Karl, I would be kissing that helmet too.

Ruby Helmets – Protect your head in style

Ruby Pavillon - Monaco helmets

Ruby Pavillon – Monaco helmet

BLAKE – Encourages people to try riding a motorbike in suit style


Singing stars Blake made a dramatic entrance at Prima High Street Fashion Awards, arriving on a fleet of motorbikes driven by Metropolis Training. The band, chose to arrive in such a style to show their support for the ‘Get On‘ campaign. At the time it was about encouraging people to try riding a motorbike and so they showed an example of a look anyone could adopt – even if it was just for one night. The fleet included a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F, Suzuki M1800Z, Honda VT750S and a Honda DN-01.

What is your bike style?


Sylvester Stallone left with a deal to use 12 Bourget bikes for the movie Expendables 2, along with bikes purchased at the Easyriders Show and the Cycle Source Chopper Show. “I personally chose all of the bikes,” said Stallone


Marsell black leather Zucca boots 2012

TELFORD TROUSERS In Oiled Suede - Belstaff

Belstaff, TELFORD-TROUSERS-In-Oiled-Suede

Does your clothing gear match your motorbike

Louis Vuitton biker jacket

Louis Vuitton motorbike jacket

Karl Rigid - Wool Knit & Leather Jacket

Karl Rigid Wool Knit  & Leather-Jacket,strong as an ox

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